How to Roll a Joint with a Filter

How to Roll a Joint with a Filter

If you don't know how to roll a joint with a filter, don't worry, you are not alone.

how to roll a joint with a filter

As you can see, America is entirely lost when it comes to rolling a joint with a filter. We're better than this, guys.

Rolling a homemade joint filter is not your only option. As of 2020, Moose Labs has released the most powerful filter for joints! The MouthPeace Mini. You no longer have to resort to folding a little origami filter or using a noodle.

DIY filters may catch loose leaves and create a structure for easier joint rolling, but that's about it. They do nothing to filter out harmful resin and tar, which begin to build up in your lungs from the first hit. Moose Labs recognized this issue, and that is how the MouthPeace Mini came to be.

Using a triple layer activated carbon filter, the Mini filters contaminants like tar and resin to protect your lungs and give you the cleanest, tastiest hit from a joint!

mouthpiece mini filter benefits

We understand you may not have a MouthPeace Mini, so we got you covered with the best steps to create your joint filter.

How to Roll a Joint with a Filter Step by Step

You'll notice any steps on how to roll the perfect joint always includes a weed filter. The handmade filter creates a structured, easy way to roll a joint. The filter tip allows for a thick, round foundation for rolling papers that tend to be a little flimsy.

The most common rolled joint you may have heard of is a zig zag, like, you know, Colt 45 and 2 zig zags? If you weren't that lucky to be raised in such a prime era, we're here to help!

So, let's break down how to roll a joint with a filter step by step:

Step 1. Create Joint Filter

create joint filter

Roll your zig zag rectangle or raw filter back and forth, accordion-style, into the shape of a W. With the remaining tip paper, roll around the W to finish off a circle.

Step 2. Fill Up Joint Paper

fill up joint filter

Get your rolling paper and lay it flat on your rolling tray. Place the weed filter tip at one end of the rolling paper. Grab your ground weed from the grinder. Use your best judgment for how much weed you wish to use. Generally, you will be using about a half to a full gram of weed. A full gram of weed will aid in the joint's sturdiness. The less weed you use, the flimsier the joint, the more difficult to roll. If this is your first time, 1 gram will make this easier.

Spread weed evenly throughout the crease of the rolling paper. Leave a little bit of space at the other end, opposite the joint tip, so you can twist the paper to light once you're ready.

Step 3. Rolling the Joint with Filter

rolling the joint with filter

Once the cannabis and joint filter tip are in place, you're going to begin rolling. This part can seem a little tricky at first and may take a few tries. Don't get frustrated. You'll get it! Tuck the paper with your thumb nail as you use your pointer finger as a base. Roll the paper over your thumb nail, around the weed, closing the joint off from pointer finger side to thumb side. You will lick the rolling paper to seal the joint as you go.

Step 4. Pack & Twist Joint

pack and twist joint

Once you've conquered rolling a joint, you should have an opening big enough to poke and pack the joint in. Use a pen, pencil, qtip, toothpick, paperclip, anything that will fit into the joint's end; gently push the weed down towards the joint filter. Not too hard, just enough to give you some room to twist the joint.

Now for the fun part! Light that beautiful, perfectly rolled joint up and get lit!

How to Roll a Joint with Filter - Moose Labs Way

Okay, guys, step one. Just kidding, I know you're tired of the steps...

Once you have your joint rolled, all you have left to do is insert your Moose Labs MouthPeace Mini onto the joint filter end. This way, you'll get the best of both worlds. You will have the homemade filter to help you roll a joint easier, and you'll have a Mini filter that will protect your lungs and give you the best smoking experience! Now, proceed to light up the joint, smoke, and get high while enjoying those tasty terpenes. To learn all you need to know about joint filters, follow the link.


Now you know the secret to rolling a joint and filtering out the bad stuff! Make sure, if you don't have one already, purchase your Mini. They are perfect filters for joints, blunts, vaporizers, and standard pre-rolls. Your smoking game just enhanced to a new level: Pro.

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