The MouthPeace & MouthPeace Mini allow you to share pipes, rigs, joints, blunts, e-cigs, and vapes without sharing germs.
MouthPeace Filters enhance the flavor of your smoke by removing the harsh resins & tar without removing any of the good stuff.

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Share Joints, Not Germs

The MouthPeace & MouthPeace Mini allows each person to take a germ free puff while sharing water pipes, joints, blunts, vapes, and more!

Baby Lungs to Lungs of Steel

MouthPeace & MouthPeace Mini Filters remove contaminants, resin, and tar, making each hit smooth with less coughing.

Less Harshness, more flavor

By removing the bad stuff we don't need, we make the good stuff taste better.

No loss of airflow

We spent 16 months designing our Filters to allow for normal airflow and a great hit.


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