Bong Carbon Filter - A Necessity

Bong Carbon Filter - A Necessity

Bong carbon filter? Ever heard of it?

The main bong accessory everyone should have is a triple layer carbon filter. This filter makes your rips taste better and keeps your lungs in tip-top shape.

Roll one, and get ready to read with us to understand the importance of using a bong carbon filter!


What is a Bong Carbon Filter?


If by chance you haven’t heard of a filter or a carbon filter, first things first…

What is a bong filter and what does it do?

A bong carbon filter is a filtration device used while smoking cannabis. Its primary purpose is to filter out all the contaminants and tar particles that are harmful to the lungs and body.

Contrary to what some think, a bong filter will allow for THC molecules to make their way through to penetrate the lungs.

While using a carbon filter, you will experience what most describe as a “clean high”. You know when you take a toke out of a bong you’ve used over and over without cleaning and you can hardly taste those mouthwatering terpenes like you did the first time you used that glass piece? A bong filter will provide that elevated experience each and every rip.

After the first use of a bong carbon filter, you can actually see the resin buildup, just from one sesh. You can see the results with your own eyes. And your lungs will thank you!


Why is Using a Bong Carbon Filter Important?


The wellbeing of your lungs depends on it!

Times are a little crazy right now. COVID19 kind of woke everyone up to their own health concerns. Now is the best time to be aware of your body and the effects of harmful contaminants and bacteria.

Using a bong carbon filter like MouthPeace, created by Moose Labs, is a surefire way to keep your body and lungs healthy while still getting as lifted as desired.

Do you wake up and reach for your bong like we do? Then you know there is nothing worse than early morning coughing fits and tasting last weeks bong water. You want to be sure you are doing everything you can to make that first giant hit set the tone for the rest of the day - clean, smooth, and tasty.

MouthPeace is designed with a triple layered carbon filter. Triple layer activated carbon filters remove resins, contaminants, and tar from your smoke which enhances terpene flavors.

Some stoners that have never used a triple layer carbon filter have raised the question that maybe they won’t get as high using a filter for their piece because it filters out the THC. Do not be fooled! THC molecules are extremely small, especially compared to much larger resin and tar particles. The carbon filter will allow THC molecules through while trapping harmful resin and tar. Win, win!

How to Use a Carbon Filter With a Bong


how to use a bong carbon filter with a bong


Smoke sesh with the fam? Everyone needs a carbon filter. Yes, everyone is still being careful, staying distant while socializing but say you’re with 2-3 friends and you want to smoke weed together? What do you do? Say screw it and stay sober during quarantine? No way!

If everyone has a MouthPeace, you can all share a bong and just switch out after each puff. Insert the MouthPeace (narrow end down) pull a fat rip, inhale, exhale, and simmer. Allow the THC to do its job, pass the bong, pop in the new MouthPeace, and repeat!


How to Use a MouthPeace Bong Filter With a Blunt


Are you more of a blunt type smoker? No problem.

You can use your MouthPeace by putting a freshly rolled fatty into the small end tip of the silicone. Just the same as using a MouthPeace with a bong, you can enjoy a blunt in rotation with others!

Just switch out for a different MouthPeace each pass. COVID can’t hold us back!


how to use a triple layer carbon filter with a blunt




To sum it up for you, the number one smoking accessory is a bong carbon filter. It’s a necessity! Thanks to Moose Labs, there’s a simple fix to make your weed smoke cleaner.

Before you get ready to spark up, get that triple layered carbon filter in place and you’re set to rip!

MouthPeace is the fan-favorite, especially when sharing a bong.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and stay elevated!

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