Bong Vs Vape - A Healthier Smoking Experience

vape high vs bong high

Differentiating between a bong vs vape can actually be tricky, since they have surprisingly similar effects to one another, despite their different characteristics. 

That’s why I think you’ll agree with me when I say knowing the difference between a bong and vape is vital for choosing the right smoking experience.

bong vs vape

However, it can be hard to know what differences are important when you’re deciding to buy a bong or vaporizer.

In this article, we are going to show you exactly the difference between a vape high vs a bong high and how the two methods filter tar and resin out of your weed smoke for the most efficient high.

Bong or Vaporizer - What’s the Difference?

The most basic thing to remember is that bongs and vapes are two common, safe ways to smoke cannabis that avoid the hazards of alternatives like pipes.

Some people consider vapes healthier alternatives to bongs because they provide extracted THC in oil form while bongs involve smoking unextracted cannabis flowers through water filters. However, a bong can deliver smoke that’s just as clean as a vape does if you smoke it correctly.

Regardless of whether you choose to use a bong or vaporizer, you can still have an efficient, safe smoking experience. Here’s how.

Hitting a Bong: MouthPeace for Cleaner Hits

vape vs bong

Hitting a bong is an efficient, pleasant way to smoke cannabis. The potential for built-in downstems, water chambers, and percolators can help you cool down your smoke and filter out harshness. However, using a bong can still involve some unhealthy substances like tar and resin reaching your lungs. Using a MouthPeace filter from Mooselabs can help you smoke more efficiently.

Mooselabs bong filter was specifically designed to filter and keep out harsh toxins, tar, and resin buildup that may be in your bong. Using a MouthPeace filter can also stop loose leaves—known as “scooby snacks”—from passing through your bong and into your mouth. Learn all about a weed filter for a cleaner, better tasting hit.

There’s no stress when you use the Mooselabs filter, either. It fits directly on the inside of your bong’s mouthpiece, so you can smoke just like you normally do. These filters are efficient, and with just a few uses, you’ll notice that your MouthPeace filter turns a dark brown. That’s all the gross stuff that would otherwise wind up in your lungs if you weren’t using that marijuana filter.

Vaping Marijuana with an Essential Carbon Filter

vaporizer high

Although vapes are considered a “cleaner” method of smoking, that’s not always the case. Even your favorite vape pen or vaporizer will still release oil when you take a strong hit. You may even feel a greasy sensation in your mouth from the oil that gets out of the vape.

Getting oil in your lungs is no better than getting tar in there. That’s why Mooselabs has developed the MouthPeace Mini. It’s designed to help you improve your experience when vaping marijuana. It uses triple-layer activated carbon to filter out tar and resin, creating cleaner and better-tasting smoke.

With the MooseLabs MouthPeace Mini, you can boost your smoking experience tenfold. Stop worrying about messy, unpleasant hits when you’re chasing a vaporizer high. Get the cleanest inhales without all the gunk or particles that make their way out of your vape. You can even choose from a variety of different colors to keep yourself stylish while protecting your lungs.

Vape High vs Bong High

Now you know how to keep your smoke clean when you’re using bongs and vaporizers. Let’s go into how the two highs feel different from each other.

To get the fairest results, we made sure our test users were smoking with only the cleanest tools: the Mooselabs filters. Here’s what we learned about the differences between the two. Spoiler: the winner boils down to your preferences and where you’re smoking.

Using a Bong With a MouthPeace Filter

When you’re hitting a bong, you’ll generally get a stronger high than when using a vape pen. You can pack more cannabis into your bong, you can inhale more smoke at once, and bong smoke—in general—is one of the most powerful concentrations of THC available.

A single bong hit can be the equivalent of multiple pulls from a vape. That’s not to say that vapes aren’t strong. It’s a mechanical difference. Vapes simply deliver less material in the same breath.

If you’re using a MouthPeace filter on your bong, you’ll be able to take even larger hits. The filtration of the MouthPeace helps prevent coughing, so you get a better high with less irritation to your lungs. MouthPeace users have stated that they have fewer coughing fits in general because they experience less lung irritation.

Using a Vape Pen With MouthPeace Mini

There are more than 20 types of marijuana vapes available, so there will be differences depending on the brand and style. However, using a vape pen will usually give you the same kind of instantaneous high as using a bong, regardless of strain and style. It will just take you more hits off your vape to get the same intensity as a bong.

That doesn’t mean that a vape is better or worse than a bong—it’s just different. If you don’t mind taking a few extra hits, you can get equally high from a vape pen using a MouthPeace Mini as you can from a bong.

Bongs and Vaporizers - Best of Both Worlds

There are differences between vaporizers and bongs. The best choice for you depends on what you want out of your experience.

In general, vaporizers are great for:

  • ‌Portability
  • ‌Stealth
  • ‌Smell

Depending on the size and style, bongs can be similarly useful for stealth and portability, but they do generate a stronger and more noticeable distinct smell.

Regardless of your preference, the only way you should smoke vapes or bongs is with the right safety precaution. Using a MouthPeace filter gives you better highs, cleaner inhales, and less hassle. You get the best of both worlds when you use a weed filter.

You can even have a germ-free social smoking experience if everyone brings their MouthPeace filter to the party. Social distancing is important, but you can still hang out with your friends to smoke the same bongs and vapes.


Vape vs. bong—the differences rarely matter as choosing between them is a matter of personal taste. Either way, using a MouthPeace is the best way to get cleaner, better-tasting smoke. Don’t let weed damage your lungs in 2021. Use a weed filter to make your experience a little sweeter.

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