COVID-19 Quarantine Activities To Do While You're High

COVID-19 Quarantine Activities To Do While You're High

We. Are. Bored! The virus has us itchin’ to adventure and being stuck inside indefinitely is definitely getting old. Remember back in February when we could smoke and explore, hang out with friends, or run errands. It’s a new world friends. Unfortunately, now, more than ever, we can’t think of a thing to do! So we thought harder and came up with a bunch of things to do!

Step 1, before you start any of them, is to smoke a big bowl. Don’t forget to use your MouthPeace! It’s important to keep your lungs clear and strong right now. Anyway, after you get in the proper mindset, dive into these activities. Listed in no particular order. We may add to it if we think of more things so bookmark this page and see how many you can get through. 

40 Quarantine Activities To Do While You're High
  • Build a fort
    • Take all your couch pillows and sheets and maybe a lamp and a few folding chairs and make yourself a badass cave to hang out in. Put blankets and pillows on the floor and make sure you have a good view of the TV. String up some lights and hang a note on the door dictating rules (passwords required for entry, no girls/boys allowed, or my favorite, toll for entry - 1 joint)

  • Have an indoor picnic
    • Either in the fort or outside of it, lay out a sheet and go all out. Bust out the munchies, music, and your favorite marijuana smoking device and enjoy your self! Bonus points if you are set up in front of a sunny window!

  • Eat like a boss! And feel real good about it! 
    • Upgrade your munchies and order take out or delivery and help support your local restaurants. They are struggling right now and can use all the business we can give them.

  • Drink like one too!
  • Watch a movie 
  • Have a virtual sesh, FaceTime a friend, or Google Hangout with your gang, 
    • There is no better way to beat the quarantine blues than seeing a friendly face and having a long-distance sesh! You can show off your awesome fort!

  • Netflix Party
    • Watch Netflix with your friends! You can create a “party” and chat with your friends while watching. Best part, no talking only typing! So Jimmy doesn’t have to annoy the bejeezus out of you with his horselaugh and “clever” comments. Enough Jimmy! Shut up already!

  • Learn how gross the average bong is 
    • We did a study and tested bongs with the same device they use to make sure hospitals are clean and germ-free. It turns out, bong, pipes, vapes, and joints are pretty gross. Read more at the link above.

  • Have something cool made for you on Fiverr 
    • You could have a professional voice actor record a voicemail greeting for you or get a cartoon picture of you and your dog. Maybe have someone create a rap about you and your significant other or get your names done up in graffiti.

  • Fold your clothes better 
  • Make some experimental food
    • I once made a peanut butter and jelly and Cheerio and apple slices and honey sandwich with sea salt and a chocolate milk. I also may or may not have smoked a Backwood to myself beforehand.

  • Watch someone else make food
    • This guy makes TV and movie-inspired food like Baked Ziti and Lasagna inspired by The Sopranos, Sumbitches and Peanut Butter Cookies inspired by How I Met Your Mother, and even White Castle sliders inspired by Harold & Kumar.

  • Sesh Safely with a Stranger on Omegle
    • Head over to and add the tags Weed, Ganja, Cannabis, Marijuana. You’ll be randomly connected with someone else with similar interests from somewhere around the world.

  • Call a person you haven’t talked to in a while
    • Friends are important, even those that don’t smoke. So toke up, then give them a call and have a chat. They will appreciate the call and it’s important to keep connected with people now more than ever.

  • Check-in on your elders 
    • I talked to the woman that babysat me when I was 5. Call your people and make sure they are ok.

  • Adult activity book - 
  • Check out a random Wikipedia article 
  • Clean out your IG following
    • Get rid of accounts that post toxic trash as well as people who no longer deserve your attention

We hope this list helped cure your boredom, at least for a while. Let us know what you are doing to keep your self sane and occupied down in the comments.

Be well, stay safe.

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