How to Clean a Plastic Bong

How to Clean a Plastic Bong

There’s a bunch of ways on how to clean a plastic bong.

We're here to show you the best way to restore your bong to make it look like the day you first got it.

Remember how clean and awesome that first hit was?

We are going to recreate that. So load up a bowl and buckle in because we are going to explain the best way to clean a plastic bong.

What you will need to clean an acrylic bong… Let’s begin with the ingredients:

what you need to clean acrylic bong

  • Sea Salt
  • Hot Water
  • Freshly Squeezed Lemon
  • 50-70% rubbing alcohol

7 Simple Steps on Cleaning Your Plastic Bong

Step 1:You want to begin by placing your plastic bong in your kitchen sink (you’re going to want space for the bong in this cleaning process).

Step 2:Make sure to empty out all contents in the plastic bong. Run hot water through it to get out any loose debris. The only thing that should be in there at this point is the stuck on resin we’re targeting.

Step 3: Pour your sea salt into the base part of the plastic bong. Be generous. Sea salt is what’s required because it is coarse and larger in size. It does a phenomenal job of breaking down the resin.

Step 4: Add ½ cup-2 cups of alcohol, depending on the size of your bong. Be sure that you have enough room to shake the mixture around without it coming out of the top of the acrylic bong.

Step 5:Swirl the mixture around to first start breaking up the resin.

Step 6:The fun part! Place one hand over the mouth piece while placing your thumb over the down stem. At the same time be sure you have a good grip so you don’t toss your bong across the room. And shake, shake, shake. You can also use Resolution Cleaning Caps to keep everything inside the pipe.

To end the process, Step 7:Rinse the bong with hot, hot water, the hottest that you can get to come out of your sink. Cut up your fresh lemon (strong emphasis on fresh), lemons lose their antibacterial properties when they are left sitting out after being cut. Squeeze the lemon into the hot water to make a mixture. Swirl around for 60 seconds.

Leave the plastic bong out to dry. Unless you just can’t wait to take a rip, in which case, use a clean towel to dry it.

Pro Tip: Take a rip safely, with MouthPeace.

steps to clean a plastic bong

Why is it Important to Clean your Plastic Bong Regularly?

Acrylic bongs are a low maintenance, low-cost way to smoke your marijuana. The downstem and bowl are generally made of metal or plastic, which makes them less fragile. Whether you are a weed smoking newbie or just haven’t smoked out of a bong in a while, acrylic bongs have been said to be the most user-friendly bong.

Did you know that the average plastic bong contains 1304% more bacteria than the average dog bowl? Yuck, huh?

how clean is a plastic bong

That’s why keeping your acrylic or plastic bong clean is so important.

From the moment you take the first hit out of your bong, resin begins to build. You can identify it easily on the downstem as the yellowish, blackish buildup seen on the weed bowl and in the base of the bong.

The main objective of the entire process of cleaning your plastic bong is to break down that build up as much as possible so you can wipe it clean.

Think of a dirty dish plate that you just ate spaghetti off of. Even though you ate all the food, you are definitely going to clean the plate before you put it back in the cupboard to use again.

The same thing goes for your bong. You want to keep it clean after each use because the health of your lungs, well, your entire body, really, depends on it. If your acrylic bong is not clean you will be inhaling the toxins and bacteria from the resin build-up, which can be very harmful to your lungs.

In short, what builds up in your bong can also build up in your lungs!

Not to mention a harsher and dirtier tasting bong rip. The best solution would be to follow our 7 simple steps on cleaning a plastic bong and also use a MouthPeace to filter out the harsh toxins from the resin.


MouthPeace for Clean Lungs when Smoking Weed

reduce bacteria when using plastic bong

MouthPeace uses a triple layered carbon filter that is extremely effective for catching the harmful toxins, resin, tar that would enter into your lungs and not only that it reduces bacteria when sharing your bong by 5,924%.

Sharing is caring! Be sure your friends use MouthPeace, too.

triple layered carbon filter for clean lungs

How to clean a plastic bong without alcohol

If you’re not down with the idea of using alcohol to clean your plastic or acrylic bong, you can substitute vinegar for the alcohol and use the same steps as above.

This process may need to be repeated multiple times due to the strength of the vinegar being less of that of the alcohol.

This is a great way to clean a plastic bong taking the more holistic route.


Now that your plastic bong is clean and looks brand new, it’s important to keep it that way. Cleaning your bong is easy and noticeable because obviously you can tell when it’s time from the nasty build-ups. But to be a savvy smoker you need to be proactive on the fight to keep your lungs clean as well by using a MouthPeace.

To learn everything you need to know on how to clean a bong click and read on!

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