How to Light a Joint Evenly

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Are you having trouble figuring out how to light a joint?

Don’t worry too much — unless you’ve done it before, it can be tricky to work out.

Whether you’re at home or with the crew, joints are arguably the coolest and most classic way to smoke cannabis. And it can be frustrating when you can’t figure out which end of a joint to light or you’re having problems keeping it lit.

how to light a joint

This article is going to cover how to light a joint, as well as some of the best tools you can use to filter out the tar and resin when you spark up.

How to Properly Light a Joint: 3 Important Things to Know Before You Spark Up

Before you get started, there are some key things to keep in mind about how to light weed. First, you’ll need to make sure the joint doesn’t canoe while you’re smoking — in other words, you don’t want it to burn unevenly.

Canoeing happens when one side of the joint burns more than the other. This can happen because of improper lighting or even from using weed that hasn’t been ground properly.

As you smoke, one side will burn up as the other side is left behind, leaving a “canoe” shape in your joint. This can be a huge bummer and have you feeling like you’ve totally wasted half your joint.

Now that you know about canoeing, here are three tips to keep in mind before you light your joint.

1. Lighting a Joint with the Correct Tools

Using the right tools is essential to light a perfectly rolled joint. With the right equipment, your joint will have cleaner air and better flavor.

how to properly light a joint

Here are some options for tools to have on hand before you spark up:

  • Lighter: You probably already have one of these, and it’s the quickest and most convenient way to get your joint burning (but not the healthiest).
  • Hemp wick:For all you health-conscious stoners, this is a better option than a lighter. It burns more cleanly, helps you avoid inhaling butane, and some say it even boosts the flavor of the smoke.
  • Moose Labs Mouthpeace Mini: The Mouthpeace Mini uses a triple-layer activated carbon filter to keep your joint's tar and resin out of your lungs.

To get the purest experience out of your joint, forget the lighter altogether and just go for a hemp wick and use a Mouthpeace Mini.

2. Which End of a Joint Do You Light – Choose Wisely

Ah, one of the most common questions among newbie joint smokers: “Which side of a joint do you light?”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

If you’re not using a filter and your joint is evenly packed on both sides, it doesn’t matter which side you spark up. But, if your joint is uneven (or has a cone shape), choose the thicker side with more surface area at the end to twist. The smaller, more tapered side is where you’ll inhale. Learn how to inhale weed properly.

And if you’re using a handmade filter or Mouthpeace, you should ignite the opposite side of where your filter is.

Ultimately, the choice is yours — it all just depends on how you roll your joint.

lighting a joint

How to Light Up Evenly

When it comes to lighting a joint, you have to be strategic about how you get it burning. Being patient with how you light your weed is vital to not canoeing.

First, hold your flame source at the tip of your joint and slowly rotate it, so all your weed lights up evenly.

After it’s burning, take a small puff and check that you’ve got a “cherry” burning at the end. It should be glowing red and lit evenly all around. Once you’ve achieved that, you can enjoy your smoke sesh!

What to Do if Your Joint Won’t Stay Lit

If your joint won’t stay lit and you’re constantly having to re-light it, chances are your weed is packed too tightly. Loosen it up a little by rolling the joint between your fingers to let more air flow through, and then try again. This technique should get your joint lit with no problem.

If it’s still too tightly packed, just re-roll it and try again.

3. Joint Lit – Time to Enjoy

Now that you’ve lit your joint, it’s time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the next few hours.

After you smoke, maybe you want to get creative with art, go for a hike, or order in some takeout. Whatever it is you feel like doing, remember to relax and have fun. That’s what it’s all about!

Joints can be smoked alone or shared with your friends. But if you’re sharing your joint, make sure that everyone has their own Mouthpeace Mini to prevent unwanted germs from spreading.

How to Save a Joint

If you need to know how to save a joint because you don’t want to smoke it all at once, you can always save it for later. Sometimes, all you need is a few hits and you’re good to go.

With that in mind, there are a couple of ways to save a joint. You can:

  • Stub it out on a burn-proof surface.
  • Smother the flame by hand. (Don't just put your hand on it, though. Try tapping it with a damp finger.)
  • Drop the joint into a smell-proof tube. Not only does this put out the flame, but it also minimizes the scent of weed.

Using a smell-proof tube is a lifesaver when you’re going to be out in public or around people who aren’t supportive of cannabis. And if you need even more scent protection, check out this smell-proof bag. It’s a perfect way to store your joint without blowing your cover.

Conclusion: The Takeaway on Lighting a Joint

This guide covered everything you need to know about how to light a joint properly. With the right tools and technique, you’ll achieve the perfect slow-burning joint and won't ever have to deal with canoeing again.

If you’re smoking with friends and want to prevent the spread of germs, try the Mouthpeace Mini. Beyond keeping things clean, it gives you a better taste and even keeps the scent of weed off your hands.

So next time, be sure to grab a filter for the best joint smoking experience!

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