How To (Quickly) Sober Up From Weed

how to sober up from weed

We’ve all been there - you suddenly find yourself WAY HIGHER than you originally planned and are frantically wondering, “How do I sober up from weed?”

Well, the brutally honest answer is that you can’t. 

But don’t worry! 

There are many tips and tricks you can use to help you find your inner zen when you are zonked. 

Coming Down From A High Takes Time

The first thing to do is to remind yourself of that old proverb that “this too shall pass.”

Take a nice, deep breath, put on your beautiful smile, and remember the following advice to help you ride out your high in an enjoyable and carefree way. 


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Self-Care Practices To Try While Your Too High 

things to do when high

There are a few go-to self-care practices that can help you mellow out when you’re too high for your own good. 

Put On A Smile!

It can’t be stressed enough how much the simple act of forcing a smile can help elevate your mood! 

In fact, studies have proven that smiling increases endorphin levels. 

This makes smiling the simplest solution to help turn harrowing high into a happy ride. 

While you’re at it, go ahead and give yourself some positive self talk as well. You’ll feel even better if you throw in a self-hug or self-high five!

Practice Mindfulness

A good fail safe option when you feel like you are super high is to get yourself to a place where you are blissfully present in the moment. 

If you’ve never practiced mindfulness before, this is a great time to start! 

And lucky for you, it’s pretty simple! Just follow these easy steps!

1. Observe

That’s right. Just simply observe what you are feeling. No need to worry or stress about where the feelings might go. Just let yourself “watch” how you feel, both physically and mentally. 

2. Identify

Once you’ve observed it, the next step is to identify it. Do you feel anxious? Maybe sad? Perhaps even happy? Or curious? Or too high to think? There are no wrong answers! You simply are what you are!

3. Let It Pass

So you’ve observed and identified, now let it go! Maybe even give it a nice sweeping motion with your hand to happily push it away! And now you are purely sitting in the moment. 

4. Focus On Your Breath

This step is key. Once you’ve observed, identified and let those feelings or thoughts pass, now is the time to put on that amazing smile of yours and just focus on your breath. Keep it calm and steady, and you’ll be feeling zen in no time!

5. Repeat As Needed

The great thing about this practice is that it is easy to repeat as needed! If something pops up in your head and reminds you of how high you are in a negative way, then just start over at step one. Nice and easy!

Do A Relaxing Activity

If you find yourself wondering how to stop a high, then you are probably feeling some form of stress - both physically and mentally. 

A great thing you can do for yourself is to find ways to relax both your body and mind. 

Do Some Restorative Yoga or Slow Stretches

Find a welcoming and peaceful place at home where you can spread out across the floor.

Do some nice and slow stretches or restorative yoga poses to help your body unwind.

This is another great place to focus on your breath. Hold each stretch or pose for 10 breaths or more, then slowly move on to the next position.

If you have a foam roller, go ahead and give your body some nice rolls to help it feel even more relaxed.

Don’t put any rules or restrictions around this restorative session. Remember to just be in the moment and listen to what your body and mind tells you feels good!

Take A Bubble Bath

Sud up your tub and hunker down for a nice, relaxing soak!

Set up your space with some soft and peaceful mood lighting and some low volume spa music to help set the mood.

Sit with your tub while you fill the water. This will be a great time for you to smile while you focus on your breath, while also making sure you don’t let the water temperature get too hot.


Sometimes it helps just to get things out! Pull out your journal and write out your feelings.

Getting them out on paper will help to calm your mind and reconnect you to your state of zen. 

Hydrate And Replenish

A good way to combat an overabundance of weed in your system is to give your body substances that will help you feel better!

So go drink a refreshing glass of water or munch on some fruits and vegetables. 

Putting healthy and rehydrating items into your body will help improve your high and get you on that path of positive feelings!


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“Remedies” To Try While Your Too High

Alright, so you’ve tried the self-care practices and have yourself in a positive headspace, but you’re still trying to figure out how to get unhigh. 

Here are some activities or “remedies” to try to keep you distracted as you ride out the remainder of your high!

Put On Some Music

Listening to some good tunes is a sure fire way to pass the time!

Pick out some jams that you know always put you in a good mood and dance your high away. 

If you notice a tune comes on that changes your energy for the worst, simply hit fast forward and find that new groove!

Want something visual to look at while you listen? Go down that internet rabbit hole of music videos to help pass the time!

Let Your Creative Side Come Out

Grab your colored pencils and an adult coloring book and let your mind disappear into a colorful design!

Don’t have those tools handy? That’s okay!

All you really need is some pen and paper to have a good, old fashioned art session! 

And remember, the point here is to enjoy the ride! So don’t put any expectations or regulations around how you do it or what the outcome is. 

Just have fun and let the creative juices flow!

Cozy Up With A Show Or Movie

Feeling something more chill? 

Gather your favorite pillows and blankets and cozy up on your couch or bed and let yourself comfortably check out into some good entertainment!

Either binge watch a show or find a good movie (or two or three) that you can just blissfully escape into while you ride out your high. 

Take a Nap

Still not feeling any of those options? Then just sleep it off!

Settle in for a nice long nap and just let your high drift away with your dreams!

Call Your Brain’s Bluff

This last one isn’t so much an activity for you to try but a piece of solid advice to remember!

One thing that always helps when I find myself in a stoned out, paranoid spiral is to just call my brain’s bluff on it! 

Worried something is going to go wrong? Okay, brain - let’s see if that happens! In the meantime, I’m going to keep enjoying my time and I’ll deal with any issues that arise IF they arise. (And no issues ever do!)

Noticing a weird sensation in my body and starting to think something is physically wrong? Alright, brain - I’ll check back later and see if I even still feel that way! (Spoiler alert - I never do! I’m just so ridiculously stoned that I’m super in tune with my body’s physical feelings).

This method is a tried and true measure for success! Once I call my brain’s bluff, I go back to my blissful state of zen and completely forget what I was worried about in the first place! 


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Completely Normal Side Effects Of Being High

When you catch yourself trying to figure out how to sober up from weed fast, it’s good to know what the completely normal side effects of being high are. 

Positive Side Effects

There are a number of positive side effects that come with getting high, especially if you keep yourself riding at a nice and buzzed level. 

When dosed correctly, marijuana can make you feel happy and euphoric, setting you into a state of pure bliss. If you have the right strain, you may even find yourself in a giggly mood!

Weed is also good at helping you to feel relaxed, which can help with anxiety. 

Cannabis can help you unlock the creative side of your brain, leading to some good thought processes or art sessions. 

When you’re high, your senses will be heightened. This will lead to everyday things, like eating, to become more enjoyable (hello, munchies!). This is also a reason you’ll find more enjoyment in music and visual effects when you’re high. 

Negative Side Effects 

The negative side effects that come with weed stem from being stoned, or being way too high. Here are a few side effects to look out for when you are zonked.

Too high of a dosage of weed can lead to feelings of anxiety, panic and paranoia. If you start to feel any of these negative emotions, just remember it’s the high talking and make your way through the self-care list above to get back to your chill state of zen. 

Since your senses are heightened when you’re high, you’ll find yourself noticing sensations in your body to a higher magnitude. Mix in the paranoia and panic that can come with too high a dosage, and you are looking at a recipe for thinking something could be physically wrong with you. 

If you feel your brain going down that path, remember that “this too shall pass” and call your brain’s bluff! You’ll be feeling happy-go-lucky again in no time!

One bluff you shouldn’t call is the “do I have to pee?” (or even the “am I peeing???”) sensation that can arise when you are pretty high. (We’ve all been there!) A simple solution for this one is to just go to the bathroom whenever you feel this way. 

If you still feel that way after taking a bathroom break, then just think it through - when was the last time you went and how much liquids have you had? Let your logic take the wheel on this one and calm your nerves. Find a good distraction from the above list or remedies, and you’ll forget about this sensation in no time!

Seeing or hearing things that aren’t really there? That’s right - delusions are another side effect of getting too high. Being stoned will also negatively impact your motor skills, leaving you much slower to react. Make sure you keep yourself in a safe and chill environment when you are feeling pretty high to help avoid any potentially dangerous situations. 

Now that you know the side effects, take an even deeper dive into knowing the different levels frombeing just buzzed to being completely stoned to help you find and ride that perfect high. 

4 Ways To Craft The Perfect High

4 ways to prevent becoming too high

1 - Set Your Intention

Before you imbibe with your favorite bud, set your intention for your high. 

Are you looking to have a nice and productive high, or do you want to mentally check out and sink into the couch?

Are you looking to have a creative session, or do you want to blow with the wind and see where your high takes you?

Having a good intention set before you smoke will help you make sure you set yourself up for success.

2 - Prepare Your Environment

Nothing like a little prep work to help your high get underway!

Before hitting your green or eating an edible, go ahead and get your space ready. 

Looking to binge watch in bed? Get the space set up and have an idea of what you might want to watch!

Want to feed your munchie monster? Prep your kitchen space so you can have that flavorful feast earlier on in your high!

Prepping your place before you hit your high will help you stay focused and minimize the amount of time you spend wondering, “now what was I going to do again…?”

Preparing your environment also means being mindful of who you are getting high around! Always make sure you are in a safe space and with people you trust before you get high. 

If anything makes you feel off or uncertain before you take your toke, then hit it extra light this session, or get to a more comfortable environment to help ensure a happy high. 

3 - Choose Your Favorite Strain  

This step is critical! Tailor your tokes to the high you want to create. 

Sativa strains are good if you are looking to be creative and productive. 

Indica, on the other hand, will help you check out and sink into your couch. 

If you’re looking for a good mix of both, go with a hybrid strain. 

4 - Watch Your Dose

Whether you decide tosmoke or eat an edible, a great way to craft your perfect high is to be mindful of your dosage. 

Smoking your bud is going to be a good way to have a more immediate and short lived high. One or two tokes can give you a nice buzzed high for an hour or two, while smoking a bowl could leave you couch locked for the rest of the day. 

Edibles are going to be a good option for a longer high that will take a few hours to ride out. 

If you’re going the edible route, check the THC milligrams on your edibles before you ingest. The smaller the milligrams, the lesser the high. 

Edibles take an hour or so to hit your system, so give it at least an hour and a half before you decide to take some more. 

How To Prevent Needing To Get ‘Unhigh’ In The Future 

Alright, so you made your way through your stoned out session and turned it into a positive ride, but how do you keep yourself from needing to get “unhigh” in the future?

The best thing you can do is be mindful of your dose, your environment and your mindset!

Make sure you are familiar with the potency of your flower or edible and adjust your dosage accordingly so that you set yourself up for a smooth and blissful high from the start. 

Check your environment ahead of time and make sure it is set up as a welcoming and care free space. 

And lastly, know how you are feeling ahead of time! If there is something that is already making you feel a little down or anxious, go a bit lighter on your dose to help prevent any negative spirals with your high. 

Most importantly of all - when in doubt, just smile and enjoy the ride!🚀

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