How to Smoke a Bowl

Learning how to smoke a bowl is one of the essentials when you first begin smoking.

A popular way for beginners to dive into smoking cannabis is by smoking a bowl.

how to smoke a bowl

With the legalization of marijuana on the rise, you may want to learn how to smoke weed from a pipe for the first time. We will break down every detail from beginning to end to smoking bowls—everything from how to prepare weed to how to smoke from a pipe.

Listen close to learn a secret tip to enhance your sesh and become an expert on the classic way to getting high.

4 Fundamentals to Learning How to Smoke Out of a Bowl

There are a few things you want to keep in mind before putting your weed in a pipe. Learning how to pack a bowl properly will make for a great smoking experience, so we will get started with the basics.

How to Prepare Weed

Before packing a bowl of weed by shoving a nug in, you'll want to grab two things to prepare your sesh before jumping in. The first thing is a grinder. The second is a Moose Labs MouthPeace.

The grinder is to grind your buds to the perfect consistency so that your marijuana bowl hits most effortlessly. With ground weed prepared, you will have ideal airflow for a smooth hit.

Using a Moose Labs MouthPeace, you will purify your weed smoke with an activated carbon filter, you will enhance the flavor of those delicious terpenes, and you will block any ash from getting into your mouth. Additionally, you can safely share a bowl, germ-free, with the fam when you all use your own MouthPeace in rotation.

how to use a pipe

How to Pack a Bowl

Packing a bowl will be very easy now that you have prepared your cannabis with a grinder. All you need to do is grab a pinch of ground buds and place it in a marijuana bowl. Your tolerance to weed and the size of the weed bowl used will determine the amount of cannabis used.

Add your desired amount of weed when packing bowl. If one pinch doesn't fill the bowl, simply add another morsel, and another, until your bowl is filled to the level you wish before you begin smoking a bowl.

After packing a bowl, you will want to place your MouthPeace on the mouthpiece end of the bowl.

smoking a bowl

How to Use a Pipe

So, you got your bowl packed and ready to go. Now, how the heck do you use a pipe? The little hole on the outside of the bowl is called the carb hole. This hole will trap airflow so that your weed pipe can fill with smoke before an inhale.

You will want to place your thumb over the carb hole and grasp the bowl with your other fingers. In this way, the bowl is secure, and you have access to the carb to cover and release while inhaling. You will use a tapping motion with your thumb to cover and release the carb. Practice this motion before lighting the bowl.

Now, for the fun part.

How to Smoke from a Pipe

Once you've learned the fundamentals of smoking weed with a pipe, it's time to begin your sesh.

  1. Grasp bowl in hand with thumb covering carb hole.
  2. Place mouth on MouthPeace end.
  3. Spark your lighter in your opposite hand.
  4. Tap the flame to the packed weed bowl while your thumb covers the carb.
  5. Release your thumb from covering the carb and inhale.

weed bowl

Repeat these steps as needed. When smoking with others, be sure to use your own MouthPeace when it's your turn in the rotation for a better tasting, germ-free smoke sesh.

Don't Smoke a Bowl Without Doing These Things

Keep these things in mind now that you're an expert on bowl packing. These next couple of things will enhance your smoking experience and keep your lungs in the best health possible while smoking bowls.

Keep a MouthPeace On Hand Pipe

Moose Labs MouthPeace is the number one thing, next in line to a grinder and lighter, that you need to make your smoking experience precisely what it should be. With the triple-layer activated carbon filter, you will be filtering tar and resin out of your weed smoke and protecting your lungs with each inhale.

Furthermore, you can enjoy sharing a packed bowl with friends and not worrying about sharing germs.

Keep a Weed Bowl Clean

Before you put weed in pipe, basic hygiene is making sure you keep a marijuana bowl clean. When you begin with a clean hand pipe and end with a clean hand pipe, you will further ensure that you are taking care of your health by creating a clean smoking experience.


If you want to smoke cannabis most classically, learning how to smoke weed from a bowl is it! Remember to always use a MouthPeace and always keep your smoking weed pipe clean, and you're sure to enjoy smoking bowls thoroughly.

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