How to Use a Nectar Collector and Save Dabs

How to Use a Nectar Collector and Save Dabs

Dabbing is quickly becoming a favorite method among cannabis enthusiasts due to its ability to maximize the potency of THC-rich concentrates like waxes, shatters, and oils. This engaging and versatile technique vaporizes these concentrates, releasing an intense burst of flavor and effect that surpasses traditional flower smoking. Enter the scene, the nectar collector—a streamlined, user-friendly alternative to the traditional dab rig.

Usually, dab aficionados would use a dab rig, a specialized glass apparatus resembling a bong, equipped with a water chamber to cool the vapor and a mouthpiece for inhaling. If you're a dab veteran, you're likely well-versed in this method. But the tides are turning, and an innovative tool called a nectar collector is gaining momentum among dabbing devotees.

Nectar collectors, also lovingly known as a honey straw, offers a simpler, more straightforward approach to dabbing. But what exactly is a nectar collector, and how does it stand out in your dabbing repertoire? How does one efficiently use a nectar collector to heat the concentrates and enjoy the potent, flavorful smoke it produces?

Learning how to use a nectar collector can seem a bit intimidating at first, but fear not, the process is easier than you might think. Using a nectar collector has plenty of benefits, the most beneficial being the potent high you will get. 

Stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries of the nectar collector and guide you on an enriching journey into the world of dabbing.

How to use a nectar collector


What is a Nectar Collector?

Looking to amplify your dabbing experience? Allow us to introduce the nectar collector, a unique and efficient twist on the traditional dab rig, also fondly known as the "dab straw." A dab rig, as many seasoned dabbers know, is a distinctive smoking tool designed to vaporize THC-rich cannabis concentrates, or "dabs."

While various types of dab rigs exist, they typically operate by heating a "dab nail" onto which the concentrate is loaded, subsequently melting the dab and unleashing a potent cloud of smoke. Yet, the nectar collector boasts a different approach, enhancing your vaping journey with its heated tip and no-nail-needed simplicity.

The magic of the nectar collector lies in its unique design. Rather than a traditional dab nail, the pointed end, often made of durable materials like titanium, is heated using a torch. This heated tip then melts the cannabis concentrate, releasing the power of your chosen "dab." Following this, you take a deep breath through the nectar collector's mouthpiece, drawing the smoke upwards like nectar through a straw.

Understanding a nectar collector is simple when you realize it primarily consists of three parts:

  1. The heated tip — The sharp end of the nectar collector that is set ablaze.
  2. The stem or chamber — The straw-like structure of the nectar collector. It boasts a small chamber in the middle where the vapor accumulates.
  3. The mouthpiece — This is where you place your lips to inhale the smoke, ensuring a comfortable and immersive experience.

What's the catch? While you won't need a dab nail to use an electric nectar collector, you will need a surface that can sustain temperatures above 400°F to hold the dab. Thankfully, many nectar collector kits come with a dab tray included. However, the use of a glass or silicone tray is often preferred.

For an even smoother experience, pairing your nectar collector with a MouthPeace and insertable carbon filter from Moose Labs can help reduce the impact on your lungs, letting you savor your dabs without compromise.

Now, how does a nectar collector compare with a traditional dab rig? It's akin to choosing between a grand, elegant bong and a sleek, modern vape pen. While a dab rig might boast a percolator and a dab tool, requiring careful calibration to reach the desired temperature, a nectar collector offers a simplified, fuss-free dabbing experience with its heated tip and easy-to-use design. So, whether you're a dabbing connoisseur or a curious newbie, the nectar collector could be the perfect device to elevate your cannabis concentrate experience!

Using a Nectar Collector With a MouthPeace

Using a nectar collector is much easier and faster than a rig. However, the experience isn’t complete without the addition of a MooseLabs MouthPeace

When you inhale through the MouthPeace on your wax collector, the triple-layer activated carbon filter sanitizes the vapor, removing tar and all kinds of contaminants that are harmful to your lungs. 

At the same time, it enhances the flavor of your dabs without blocking airflow. In other words, when it comes to learning how to use a nectar collector, a MouthPeace is an integral part of the process.

How to use nectar collector

Step by Step Process Using a Nectar Collector

One of the greatest benefits of using a nectar collector is that it’s so much less complicated than using a rig and you are able to use less wax. 

Using less means you are saving not only your wax or shatter, but you are ultimately saving money as well.

Before you get started, however, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to take your hit. Using a nectar collector requires your concentrate of choice (often wax, but you can use almost any concentrate you prefer), a torch, a glass or silicone container, your MouthPeace, and your nectar collector. 

You have several options available here, from simple pocket-sized pieces to handheld devices with water filtration to larger, more complicated wax collectors. 

Whether you go with a silicone dab straw or a metal nectar collector, choose what suits your needs and preferences best. 

Step One – Prepare Your Dab

Preparation is key. Taking a minute or two to get ready can make all the difference in your experience. First, place your MouthPeace on the end of your chosen nectar collector. That way, you’ll be ready to inhale as soon as you heat the tip of your device. 

‌Next, get your nectar collector dab ready. Whether you choose wax, rosin, shatter, hash, oil, or another concentrate, place a small amount on a heat-resistance surface. 

Glass and silicone containers or dishes tend to be the most popular options. Since concentrates are so potent, you won’t need very much. Make sure to have your torch nearby, too, unless you have an electronic piece, which we’ll touch on in a moment. 

Step Two – Heat the Tip of Your Nectar Collector

After you’ve set up your nectar collector and your dab, your next step is to heat the tip. In most cases, that will require your torch. Keep the tip of your wax nectar collector exposed to the flame until it’s red hot. 

If you have an electronic rig, however, you only need to turn it on, and the tip will heat itself. 

‌If you prefer the flavor of lower temperature dabs, you’ll want to let the tip of your wax nectar collector cool for several seconds before you move on to the next step. Generally speaking, ten seconds is enough. 

That lets off enough heat to preserve the flavor of the terpenes, but the nectar collector is still hot enough to vaporize the dab.

Step Three – Press Your Nectar Collector to Your Dab

Now you’re almost ready to take your hit. There’s just one little thing you have to do first – vaporize your concentrate. 

‌If you’ve ever used a rig setup before, the process here is a bit different. With a rig, you place your concentrate on a heated nail. In other words, you bring the dab to the piece. 

When you’re using a nectar collector, you bring the piece to the concentrate. The heated tip will effectively vaporize your concentrate so that you can take the last step. The pressure you use is going to be important. 

You want to press firmly enough that the vapor goes into your dab straw. At the same time, you want to be gentle enough that you don’t impede airflow. Otherwise, the last step will be a bit difficult. 

Step Four – Inhale the Vapor

Finally, you’re ready for the best part, taking your hit. All you have to do from here is inhale the vapor through the dab straw. 

If you see too much escaping as you draw, press down a little more firmly. 

Your MouthPeace will filter out any contaminants you pull into the piece, giving you a clean, flavorful hit. After you fill your lungs, exhale, sit back, and enjoy the effects. It really is that simple. 

Silicone Nectar Collector or Metal Nectar Collector

No matter how long you’ve been using cannabis, you’ve no doubt noticed the wide array of available products. Just as pipes, and bongs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, so, too, do nectar collectors. In addition to glass, you’ll also find metal and silicone options.

‌Both metal and silicone wax collectors are pretty popular options for those who enjoy more portable dabs. A metal nectar collector offers affordability, while a silicone dab straw is practically indestructible. 

‌No matter if you choose a metal nectar collector or a silicone dab straw, one thing’s for sure; a MooseLabs MouthPeace Mini works perfectly on any option you select. 

Like the different color options for your nectar collector itself, you have a range of color options for your MouthPeace. 

You might even find that you want more than one, which allows you to mix and match based on your outfit, the occasion, or just because you’re feeling a specific color on a given day. It’s all part of the fun. 

Nectar Collectors Are Much More Efficient Than a Dab Rig

A rig offers an incredible experience, there’s no doubt about it. It only takes a tiny amount of concentrate to achieve some rather potent results. 

While dabbing is effective, most setups can be a bit complicated. Most rigs are pretty big, so they’re a lot more challenging to tote around. In general, you wouldn’t want to travel with one. Not only that, but they require several components. 

‌There’s nothing inherently wrong with dabbing. In fact, using a rig can be a lot of fun. However, they’re typically better suited for home use than for use on the go. That’s where learning to use a silicone nectar collector comes in. 

A nectar collector is essentially a portable rig, giving you some of the most potent hits you’ll ever experience with such tiny amounts of concentrate. While they come in various shapes and sizes, most are perfect for travel. 

‌Size is only one of the benefits of using a nectar collector as an alternative to a rig. Learning how to use a nectar collector can be a much easier process. It requires nothing more than your wax collector, MouthPeace, concentrate, and a butane torch. 

Additionally, nectar collectors are a breeze to use. It takes no time at all to learn how to dab with one. You may find that you prefer using a nectar collector over a rig in general!

Embracing the Art of the Nectar Collector: Your Gateway to Dabbing Freedom

Embracing the nectar collector can revolutionize your dabbing experiences. Gone are the days of stressing over transporting your elaborate dab rig and essentials, or worrying about discreetly hiding them from sight. With the portability of a silicone dab straw or a metal nectar collector, all you need is to tuck it into your bag, and you're ready for your dabbing adventures.

And let's not forget your faithful companion, the MouthPeace. No dab session, whether it's with a complex rig or a handy wax nectar collector, is truly complete without it. As you draw in that rich vapor, it travels through the filter, effectively removing any harmful contaminants. The result? The purest, most flavorful hits that you'll find yourself craving time and again.

So dive into the world of nectar collectors and savor the freedom they bring to your dabbing journey. Remember, every hit should be a hit to remember - clean, potent, and incredibly satisfying. Let the nectar collector be your guide in this journey of unmatched vaping experiences.

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