How to Use the MouthPeace: Everything You Want to Know

How to Use the MouthPeace: Everything You Want to Know

Somewhere along the way, you came across this invention we call the MouthPeace. Maybe you saw it adorning someone’s sweet rig on Instagramor dangling from a lanyard at a festival. Either way, you’re intrigued.
Curious about how (and why) to use a MouthPeace? You’ve come to the right place.


What’s the Point?

We know that sharing a joint (or a bong, pipe, etc.) spreads germs from one person to the next. This isn’t always a big deal — that is, until someone passes the flu virus onto everyone in the group. The risk increases when it comes to festivals, where you might be sampling a bong ten strangers hit before you. 

When we recognized this problem, we knew the answer wasn’t to stop sharing. That’s half the fun of getting high. So, we designed a universal mouthpiece that keeps other people’s germs away from your mouth.

The point is to share the bowl without swapping saliva. It’s the simplest solution we’ve found to a problem every stoner has had.  

 How Do You Use the MouthPeace?

Just insert the MouthPeace into your device and inhale the same as always. There’s three ways to do it: 

1. Stick the MouthPeace into the pipe. 

2. Flip the MouthPeace over to cover the pipe. 

3. Insert the device into the MouthPeace. 

You’ll find tons of demonstrations on how to use the MouthPeace on our feed (and if you can’t find a piece like yours, try it out and tag us so we can add to our collection!) 

What’s It Made From?

Every MouthPeace is made from platinum-cured silicone (not plastic) containing no BPAs or phthalates. That means it’s safe to put in and around your mouth. It’s non-toxic to plants and animals, too.

What’s with the Shape?

You wouldn’t be the first to point out that the Original MouthPeace has an…interesting shape. There’s a reason for that: it’s effective. 

Our goal was to design a mouthpiece that would fit the widest range of device shapes and sizes. The tapered design accomplishes that. Later, we expanded with two complimentary designs: the MouthPeace Slim, which can be placed on top of the pipe or reversed for awkward shapes, and the Mini, which is ideal for joints and small rigs. The MouthPeace Mini also works as a reducer for its big brothers.

Will the MouthPeace Fit My Rig?

The answer is probably yes. We’ve tested the MouthPeace with everything from micro rigs to mega tubes, and so far never met a hit we couldn’t take. 

How Do I Clean a MouthPeace?

Simple: put it in the dishwasher. Each MouthPeace is 100% dishwasher safe. You can also wash it by hand just as easily with dish soap or rubbing alcohol.

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