Joint Filters - Making a Big Difference in Your Smoking Experience

Joint filters are a smoking essential.


For cannabis enthusiasts, joints and blunts have long been preferred for a more convenient and social smoking experience, as well as, to adequately dose cannabis.


Bongs (water pipes) have a magical way of filtering themselves. They have water in them that catches pull through and removes a bit of resin. But for those on the go who can’t use a water pipe, what are the options for filtering out the harsh stuff?


In this article, you'll learn the importance of using filter tips, how joint filters improve your smoking experience, and the proper way to use joint filters and blunt filters.


What are Joint Filters For?


what are mouthpeace mini filters for

One main reason smokers don't prefer to enjoy their cannabis from a joint or blunt is that the taste is not as pleasant compared to smoking out of a bong. Joints and blunts both require the burning of rolling paper or tobacco leaf that is holding the cannabis.

Burning paper with cannabis definitely is not as pleasant as just smoking the bud by itself. However, the taste is not the main complaint from many smokers.  When smoking an unfiltered joint or blunt tiny pieces of loose leaves and resin tend to end up in the smoker’s mouth. Unpleasant, to say the least.

A bitter hit is what you get when smoking without a filter tip joint.

When smoking cannabis from a bong, the water and percs serve as a filtration system, filtering all the smaller pieces out so that the taste of the rip is cleaner and tastier. Become an expert. Learn how to roll a joint with a filter.

If you are the type of toker that prefers joints and blunts over bongs, or if you like to light up all in one smoke sesh, you just need the right crutch and blunt filter.


Which Cannabis Joint Filter is the Best?


There are a few different types of filter tips for joints.

These include handmade raw tips filter that is inserted into the rolled joint tip, there are pre-rolled tips, and then there are glass filter tips. All these filter tips are generally successful in keeping loose leaves out of your mouth. Something to note; it has been shown that cigarette filters can also filter out very small molecules, such as THC. Dun, dun, dun... 

Moose Labs recognized the faults of other joint filters and invented the perfect filter tip for joints, blunts, vape pens, and eCigs!

The MouthPeace Mini is a smaller version of the original MouthPeace for bongs. Using an activated carbon filter, the MouthPeace Mini offers a smooth, clean, tasty hit, filtering out the harsh resin, tar particles while allowing smaller molecules, like THC and CBD, through.

Now, you can toss that joint, blunt, bong, and vape pen into the rotation and enjoy filtered hits from each! Are we getting a little too carried away? Nah...

Still practicing social distancing? Hold onto your MouthPeace and MouthPeace Mini, while your friends pop theirs on and off for each pass. Everyone's getting lit!


Why Use a Crutch When Smoking Weed?


A filter for joints and blunts tastes better, hands down, but how?

This is because it actually is cleaner, enhancing those tasty terpenes. The triple layer activated carbon filter used in the MouthPeace Mini removes the harmful toxins from the weed smoke as you inhale. You can see the difference by looking at the filter after just one use. The filter begins to change colors, getting darker from resin and toxins, visibly showing you what you just spared your lungs from.

While we all appreciate a better taste from our tokes, the health of our lungs benefits simultaneously. In some cases, even cannabis smokers with asthma have a cough-free smoke sesh when using the MouthPeace and MouthPeace Mini.


Different Types of Tip Filters


different types of tip filters

Different methods of smoking require different tip filters. 

  • Hand Rolled Filter Tip Papers - These are classic DIY joint crutch. How to make a crutch: Fold the paper strip back and forth to form a W and then wrap the remainder of the strip around the W. Insert into the joint. This will block some of the loose leaves but doesn't filter out resin or tar.
  • Cigarette Filter - These are ripped off cigarettes or bought in packs from tobacco shops. They are often used for smoking spliffs (tobacco mixed with cannabis).
  • Glass Tips Joints - These are inserted on the end of a blunt or joint. Glass tips are not recommended as they are hard to clean and easy to lose and break.
  • MouthPeace Mini - Easy to use. Actually filters out tar and resin, zero leaf pull through, improves cannabis taste, and fits any size joint, blunt, or vape pen.

If you're using pre-rolled tips, the size of the mouth piece end helps determine the size of the joint tips. Or in other cases where you roll the filter by hand, the size of the filter will determine the size of the joint or blunt rolled. And size does matter, which is why the MouthPeace Mini is preferred!


How to Use MouthPeace Mini Filter Tip


The universal design of the MouthPeace Mini allows you to use it for any joint, blunt, or vape pen. If you already have a MouthPeace for your bongs, you can imagine the process of adding the tip to the end of joints, blunts, and vapes.

By the off chance you don't, simply roll roll roll my joint, place the MouthPeace Mini on the mouth piece end, light up, and inhale.

Your hits will taste like heaven and you'll be able to tell how clean the smoke is going into your lungs. Really happy and really high, instantly.




The use of a crutch joint filter improves the smoker’s experience, no doubt. But it is the type of filter used that will enhance the taste of cannabis and reduce the amount of tar and resin inhaled. Choose MouthPeace Mini for all joints, blunts, and weed vape pens.

The universal design works for each! And you never have to worry about making your own by hand again.

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