Joint Filters - Making a Big Difference in Your Smoking Experience

joint filters for joints blunts and vapes

Joint filters are a smoking essential.

Light up your knowledge, cannabis enthusiasts! Welcome to the exciting realm of joint filters – a must-have for every joint and blunt lover out there.

Tired of the harshness that often accompanies a joint or blunt? Don't have a bong with its handy water filtration system around? We've got the solution: joint filters. These pocket-sized wonders promise a smoother, cleaner hit, turning your smoking experience into a sheer delight.

In this guide, we're spilling the secrets behind these game-changing tools. From the benefits they bring to your smoking sessions, to their critical role in maintaining your lung health, we've got it all. We'll even show you how to use them like a pro!

Joint filters – the unsung heroes of cannabis consumption – might be new to the scene, but they're here to revolutionize the way we smoke. Just as filters became an essential part of cigarette smoking after health warnings, it's high time we added them to our joint rolling routine, too. Why? Because protecting your lungs matters – and joint filters do just that.

So, get ready to roll into a smoother, healthier cannabis journey with joint filters. It's time to elevate your smoking experience!

What are Joint Filters For?


what are mouthpeace mini filters for

One main reason smokers don't prefer to enjoy their cannabis from a joint or blunt is that the taste is not as pleasant compared to smoking out of a bong. Joints and blunts both require the burning of rolling paper or tobacco leaf that is holding the cannabis.

Burning paper with cannabis definitely is not as pleasant as just smoking the bud by itself. However, the taste is not the main complaint from many smokers.  When smoking an unfiltered joint or blunt tiny pieces of loose leaves and resin tend to end up in the smoker’s mouth. Unpleasant, to say the least.

A bitter hit is what you get when smoking without a filter tip joint.

When smoking cannabis from a bong, the water and percs serve as a filtration system, filtering all the smaller pieces out so that the taste of the rip is cleaner and tastier. Become an expert. Learn how to roll a joint with a filter.

If you are the type of toker that prefers joints and blunts over bongs, or if you like to light up all in one smoke sesh, you just need the right crutch and blunt filter.

Which Cannabis Joint Filter is the Best?

There are a few different types of filter tips for joints.

These include handmade raw tips filter that is inserted into the rolled joint tip, there are pre-rolled tips, and then there are glass filter tips. All these filter tips are generally successful in keeping loose leaves out of your mouth. Something to note; it has been shown that cigarette filters can also filter out very small molecules, such as THC. Dun, dun, dun... 

Moose Labs recognized the faults of other joint filters and invented the perfect filter tip for joints, blunts, vape pens, and eCigs!

The MouthPeace Mini is a smaller version of the original MouthPeace for bongs. Using an activated carbon filter, the MouthPeace Mini offers a smooth, clean, tasty hit, filtering out the harsh resin, tar particles while allowing smaller molecules, like THC and CBD, through.

Now, you can toss that joint, blunt, bong, and vape pen into the rotation and enjoy filtered hits from each! Are we getting a little too carried away? Nah...

Still practicing social distancing? Hold onto your MouthPeace and MouthPeace Mini, while your friends pop theirs on and off for each pass. Everyone's getting lit!

Why Use a Crutch When Smoking Weed?

Discover why savvy cannabis connoisseurs are turning to filter tips when enjoying their favorite strains. The magic behind this enhanced smoking experience lies in using a crutch, like pre-rolled tips or glass filter tips, when smoking weed.

Wondering what makes it so special? Here's the answer: Filter tips for joints and blunts offer a more refined flavor, elevating the nuances of the terpenes in your weed. This improvement comes from a triple layer activated carbon filter, such as the one found in the cutting-edge MouthPeace Mini. This innovative filter cleans the smoke as you inhale, efficiently stripping away harmful toxins and allowing the delicious terpenes to shine.

For the visually curious, just observe your filter after one use. The change in color, growing darker from the trapped resin and toxins, is a stark illustration of what you've just saved your lungs from.

But it's not just about the taste - it's also about health. Using pre-rolled cones or rolling tips can simultaneously benefit the health of your lungs. Astonishingly, some cannabis smokers with asthma have reported having a cough-free smoke session when using products like the MouthPeace and MouthPeace Mini.

Different Types of Tip Filters


different types of tip filters

Different methods of smoking require different tip filters. 

  • Hand Rolled Filter Tip Papers - These are classic DIY joint crutch. How to make a crutch: Fold the paper strip back and forth to form a W and then wrap the remainder of the strip around the W. Insert into the joint. This will block some of the loose leaves but doesn't filter out resin or tar.
  • Cigarette Filter - These are ripped off cigarettes or bought in packs from tobacco shops. They are often used for smoking spliffs (tobacco mixed with cannabis).
  • Glass Tips Joints - These are inserted on the end of a blunt or joint. Glass tips are not recommended as they are hard to clean and easy to lose and break.
  • MouthPeace Mini - Easy to use. Actually filters out tar and resin, zero leaf pull through, improves cannabis taste, and fits any size joint, blunt, or vape pen.

If you're using pre-rolled tips, the size of the mouth piece end helps determine the size of the joint tips. Or in other cases where you roll the filter by hand, the size of the filter will determine the size of the joint or blunt rolled. And size does matter, which is why the MouthPeace Mini is preferred! 


Uncover the Magic of Joint Filters

A joint filter is a small, yet significant accessory that enhances your smoking experience. Often paired with ground cannabis in a paper filter or used as an external attachment on a spliff or one-hitter, joint filters contribute to a pleasurable and safer marijuana indulgence. Whether you opt for DIY solutions, reusable joint filter mouthpieces, or prefer to use paper tips, these tools are all about optimizing your experience.

Joint filters work by reducing the amount of chemicals and materials you inhale, contributing to a healthier, cleaner smoke. Beyond this, they serve as the perfect crutch, keeping your joint intact and providing a convenient place to grip. They eliminate the problem of your joint becoming unpleasantly damp towards the end, ensuring you can enjoy your entire joint without unnecessary waste.

The Importance of Joint Filters

Elevate your smoking session with the aid of joint filters. Moving beyond the century-old tradition of a no-filter approach, filters introduce an upgraded smoking experience. Not only do they maintain the integrity of your roll – preventing tiny bits of bud from falling out or ending up in your mouth – they also negate the need for roach clips thanks to their natural grip-friendly design.

A paper filter tip or blunt filter can significantly decrease health risks associated with smoking. While research into the comparative impacts of cannabis and tobacco smoke remains limited, what's clear is that the freshest oxygen is the best for your lungs. A filter effectively removes tar and other carcinogens that occur when materials are burned, paving the way for a healthier smoke. You'll find that the unpleasant "smoker's cough" becomes a rarity when using filters.

The benefits are amplified with the use of a joint filter mouthpiece. Beyond providing a better and healthier smoking experience, these tools offer a hygienic solution when sharing your smoke. Each person can carry their own mouthpiece, ensuring a safer, healthier marijuana enjoyment. For a top-notch experience, try Moose Lab's MouthPeace Mini. Made from silicone and available in a variety of eye-catching colors, it's the perfect companion for your next smoking session.

How to Use MouthPeace Mini Filter Tip

The universal design of the MouthPeace Mini allows you to use it for any joint, blunt, or vape pen. If you already have a MouthPeace for your bongs, you can imagine the process of adding the tip to the end of joints, blunts, and vapes.

By the off chance you don't, simply roll roll roll my joint, place the MouthPeace Mini on the mouth piece end, light up, and inhale.

Your hits will taste like heaven and you'll be able to tell how clean the smoke is going into your lungs. Really happy and really high, instantly.

Best Joint Filters on the Market

The best joint filter is the one you like most. Here are a few things to think about when you consider your options:

Do you care about your health?Not everyone does, and that’s OK. But if you do, you’ll want to get a filter joint product that will take out some of the chemicals that come from burning materials before it gets in your lungs.

Are you clumsy? Let’s face it. Stoners do some mindless stuff sometimes. It’s awesome to buy a glass filter … until it accidentally falls on the tile floor or asphalt and breaks. That’s what is called a “bummer.”

Is cost an issue?If money’s tight, you have two options. You can definitely make the joint filter papers as we outlined above with any small piece of paper. The other option is to invest. If you buy a reusable joint filter, like the Moose Lab’s MouthPeace Mini, you can use it a bunch and it will never break.

Embrace a Superior Smoking Journey with the Right Filter Choice

In wrapping up, it's clear that incorporating a joint filter, or a crutch, unquestionably upgrades your smoking adventure. But the icing on the cake comes when you select the right type of filter - one that enriches the taste of cannabis and minimizes the inhalation of tar and resin. Your ideal partner in this journey is the MouthPeace Mini, an outstanding choice for all your joints, blunts, and weed vape pens.

Thanks to its universal design, it flawlessly fits all! Say goodbye to the tedious process of crafting your own filters. Welcome a hassle-free, enjoyable, and healthier smoking experience with the right filter choice - your lungs will thank you!

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