Marijuana and Asthma

Marijuana and Asthma

Marijuana and asthma are two things that do not seem like they go together.

But with changes in marijuana laws and the increased use of medicinal marijuana, it has led to questions about what conditions it can treat. Many people wonder whether marijuana can affect or treat asthma.

People who use marijuana, usually do it by smoking it. So, what does this mean for those that have asthma? Is there any other method to consume marijuana? Are there tools or filters that can help reduce the symptoms of asthma?

Continue reading with us about this powerful plant and what it does for those with asthma!

Disclaimer: Moose Labs makes no claims to cure, treat, or prevent any illnesses. All data here is anecdotal and was provided from customer’s experience with our products. Consult with your physician before making any choices to smoke marijuana with asthma.


 Can You smoke weed if you have asthma

Smoking Weed with Asthma


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease where airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus. Common side effects for asthma include shortness of breath, coughing, tightness in the chest, wheezing, and coughing when laying down.

Smoking marijuana can cause the same symptoms as smoking cigarettes, even when people smoke cannabis alone, possibly because smoke from marijuana and tobacco have similar properties.

When you inhale marijuana smoke, the smoke fills your lungs and the THC/CBD molecules start to disperse and cling to your cannabinoid receptors in your lungs, working their way into your body. Unfortunately, there are other things that come with smoke, like tar, resin, and other contaminants. These things actually block your cannabinoid receptors unless you filter them out. Since marijuana smoke and all those nasty smoke byproducts are foreign to the lungs, there's a chance you will experience a cough or two whether you have asthma or not. 

For those that do have asthma, these side effects of smoking marijuana can be hazardous and we recommend you consult a physician if you decide on smoking marijuana with asthma. If you do decide to smoke, we highly suggest you reduce the resin and tar that enters your lung by using a triple layer carbon filter.


Can You Smoke Weed with Asthma - MouthPeace Solution


Although it is not recommended, if you have asthma and you still choose to smoke through a cough fit, you must consider using Moose Labs MouthPeace!

The MouthPeace is a triple layer activated carbon filter that removes resins, contaminants, and tar from your weed smoke. After just one use, the filter darkens immediately and you can actually see what you just saved your lungs from!

marijuana asthma

Having asthma and wanting to smoke cannabis is a very frustrating scenario. But at least while using a MouthPeace, you are filtering out a lot of the harmful components. Marijuana and asthma can coexist for those with mild asthma and using the right tools.

If you are experiencing shortness of breath, a coughing fit, wheezing, or tightness in your chest, consult with your physician and seek medical advice right away. Discover more reasons why you may have chest pain from smoking marijuana.

marijuana and asthma

Can Marijuana Help Asthma?


THC can suppress the immune system. Asthma is an allergic reaction that your lungs have, the immune system overreacts to something in the environment, and that is the reason for the asthma attack. In this instance, THC can aid in calming the immune system since it is an anti-inflammatory.

But the main method of consuming marijuana is smoking it. And for those with asthma that choose to smoke despite their condition, there are likely to be more complications. So, if cannabis can help with calming the immune system, but smoking it causes complications, how can one with asthma benefit from marijuana?


Marijuana for Asthma


Marijuana for asthma has been a topic of interest for those people searching for ways to get a reprieve from their chronic condition.

While smoking marijuana long term can be detrimental to those with asthma, recent studies have proven that THC is a bronchodilator meaning it allows the lungs to expand.

The best way to get THC in your system if you have asthma is by using a medical marijuana-infused inhaler. This invention has been known to stop an asthma attack in its tracks. In this case, marijuana and asthma go together very well. This treatment is discreet and effective in opening airways.


Non-Smoking Alternatives


Luckily, we marijuana enthusiasts have come up with every other way in the world to get that holy cannabis plant in our systems!

  • - Edibles - you can buy or make cannabis-infused candy, pot pizza, THC tea, and much more.
  • - Vaping - no tar and much easier on the lungs.
  • - Medical Marijuana Capsules - similar effects of eating an edible, with fewer calories. Consult your physician or budtender.
  • - Medical Marijuana Dosed Inhaler - pump-action pot at the push of a button. Consult your physician or budtender.

If you have had asthma attacks before or have experienced symptoms long term, you probably know which of these might work for you already with no asthma side effects. Marijuana is a powerful plant and when used properly, can help alleviate asthma symptoms. 

It is recommended for those individuals with a respiratory condition, like asthma, to not smoke marijuana. Anyone who smokes marijuana and has concerns that they are developing respiratory problems should seek medical advice. Asthma can appear later in life; it is always recommended to pay attention to the way you feel and any symptoms that come up for you while smoking marijuana.


Asthma Symptoms from Smoking Marijuana


Marijuana and asthma have been known to butt heads... if you choose to smoke marijuana while having asthma you most likely will experience uncomfortable asthma symptoms.

If you notice any of the following from smoking cannabis with asthma, you should consult with your doctor right away.

  • difficulty breathing
  • shortness of breath
  • tightness in chest
  • increased sputum
  • chronic cough
  • raspy, hoarse voice
  • asthma attack

smoking weed with asthma

Asthma can show up for some people later in life. Always use caution with your health.


Is Vaping Marijuana a Better Alternative?


Vaping cannabis concentrates is a popular new alternative to smoking marijuana. Concentrates are extracted from the cannabis plant and processed to keep only the desirable plant compounds, like terpenes and cannabinoids, while removing unnecessary plant matter and stuff that causes tar and resin.

For those with a more mild version of asthma that don't experience asthma attacks, it has been said that vaping is less harsh than smoking. However, some older vape smokers have reported uncomfortable sensations in their throat after vaping. The same vape smokers have reported that using a MouthPeace carbon filter makes it much more comfortable for them. 

Vaping cannabis flower, for those with acute asthma, however, has been said to have the same effects as smoking marijuana.

If you experience complications from vaping concentrates, especially an asthma attack, you should stop immediately and consult with your physician. Vaping has not been around for very long and research is still underway regarding the long term effects vaping may have.


Keep these Things in Mind When Smoking Weed


If you’d still rather smoke your weed despite knowing you could have an asthma attack, you may consider these harm-reduction hacks to help make marijuana for asthma a smidge safer:

  • Roll your own or pack a cone. Rolling papers may seem like NBD, but do your research if you have asthma. Some contain chemicals and flavorings that can be harsh or even toxic. Don’t trust the random brands. Only roll with well known, trustworthy companies. 
  • Stick to glass bongs and pipes. Plastic bongs can contain chemicals like BPA, which have been linked to serious health effects, including cancer. Lighting a flame to plastic releases those chemicals into the air and into the weed smoke you inhale.
  • Don’t hold the inhale. Inhaling deeply and holding it in exposes your lungs to more tar per breath. THC penetrates the lungs instantly. No need to be greedy; exhaling faster is better for you.
  • Keep your smoking devices clean. Keep your pipes and bongs clean, please. Dirty bongs can be more harmful than the weed itself for those with or without asthma due to built-up bacteria in the water.
  • Don’t puff puff pass without a MouthPeace! Sharing is caring, but not your bongs, pipes, or joints! When these are shared between two or more people, especially with asthma, you’re basically swapping spit... But if the whole fam has their own MouthPeace, then get those blunts in rotation!

While these are all great suggestions, we should point out that it is still not recommended to smoke with asthma. Consult your physician before smoking medical marijuana and contact your physician immediately if you experience an asthma attack or asthma symptoms.


With new technology and inventions, marijuana and asthma can actually go hand in hand. As an anti-inflammatory, marijuana can actually calm your asthma symptoms as long as you choose an alternative consumption method other than smoking.

For those with mild asthma that choose to smoke, please use a MouthPeace. It is a must and your lungs will thank you!

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