The Cleanest Way To Smoke Cannabis: Moose Labs Ultimate Guide

The Cleanest Way To Smoke Cannabis: Moose Labs Ultimate Guide

Before every smoker’s favorite herb became legalized, it used to be that if you wanted to get high, you had only a couple of options – most likely a simple joint rolled with some “schwag” your friend got from a buddy of his.

Lots and lots of coughing would ensue, followed by laughter and eating an entire bag of Cheetos. But we digress…

Now, the world of smoking is filled with nearly endless possibilities, all at never-before-seen levels of potency and quality. Scientific glass bongs with endless attachments, pipes, concentrates, oils, and an endless amount of strains. In short, smokers have choices now.

And with all of those choices, you have time to sit back and think, “hey, what is actually the cleanest way for me to smoke?” After all, you value your health and you want to keep your body free of things like tar and carcinogens from harsh smoke, right? 

That’s exactly what this article is going to cover in great detail. So pull up your seat and get ready to learn as we explore the options together. 

Holding In Smoke To Absorb THC – Yes or No?

First of all, we’d like to partially “debunk” one of smoking’s oldest and most stereotypical traditions: holding in the smoke from cannabis to achieve a better high. 

The reality is, most science suggests that the vast majority of THC (95%) is absorbed into your lungs almost instantly upon arrival.

Additionally, holding your breath may cause lightheadedness which may make you feel high. And if you hold your breath consistently while you are smoking, your heart will have to pump faster to make up for lower oxygen levels, and your body may even release adrenaline to combat the new “threat”. 

But think about this. If 95% of all THC is absorbed instantly, and you can inhale a big cloud of smoke from your lungs – then what is all of that smoke? 

You probably guessed it: all of the things you don’t want in your lungs. Smoke from the combustion of flammable materials, which includes ash and tar, is an irritant. 

While we are on the subject, some people worry that using a filter when smoking will reduce the THC content. In reality, filters like the ones we use at Moose Labs will only filter out the things you don’t want in your lungs -- like ash, toxins from combustion, and tar. 

Bongs and Water Pipes

Bongs and water pipes have long been extremely popular forms of smoking. In fact, they’ve been a popular way to smoke herb since approximately 2,400 years ago. So what makes them so attractive? 

The central defining characteristic of a bong is that all of the smoke you inhale is first filtered through water. This allows smoke to cool down dramatically on its way to your lungs, reducing the harshness of the smoke by the time you inhale it. 

Another added benefit of water filtration is that it removes carcinogens from smoke and some of the tar can be caught in the water itself instead of making it into your lungs. 

This filtering definitely makes it one of the cleaner ways to smoke – at least, while your bong is fresh. Over time, bacteria and other germs can fester in the bong water and the stem, making it much less hygienic. 

Cleaning your bong religiously helps keep it fresh, but if you want to maximize the cleanliness of the smoke coming through your bong? You’ll need to grab some accessories. 

Bong Accessories

One of the best parts about bongs and water pipes is that you can continue to add on features and accessories to make your smoke even cleaner. Here are a few:


– filtration through water depends on the surface area of bubbles – the greater the total surface area, the better the filtration. Percolators break up big bubbles into smaller bubbles with more total surface area, leading to better filtration and cleaner smoke. 

Ash catchers

Do exactly what their name would suggest; they attach to the downspout (the part where the “bowl” attaches to your bong) and provide an additional miniature bong chamber which catches all the ash coming from your cannabis even before filtering the smoke through water.

Of course, the crème de la crème of bong accessories is the Moose Labs MouthPeace. Why? Because it filters the smoke coming out of your bong before you even inhale it. No matter what is in your smoke – germs, carcinogens, tar – the Moose Labs MouthPeace stops it all in the specially-designed filter. 

Even better, you don’t have to put your lips directly onto the stem of your bong where all of your friends have already, because your mouthpiece provides a sanitary place for you to place your mouth and avoid sharing germs among your entire circle.  

Blunts: Fashionable & Flavorful, But Are They Clean?

Ah, blunts – the favorite smoking tool of rappers from Lil Wayne to Mac Miller. While ever in style and providing an amazingly tasty smoke due to the flavored blunt-wraps often used to make them, blunts are not known to be very clean. 

For starters, when smoking with friends you are bound to be swapping spit. In fact, by the end of a big “sesh” your blunt may resemble a soggy brown paper bag. 

But even more than that, combusting cannabis so close to your lungs and inhaling it without filtration leads to inhaling massive amounts of tar, carcinogens from high smoking temperatures, and hot ashes that go directly to your lungs.

The solution? Any person who loves smoking blunts would have a much cleaner smoking experience if they smoked through a filter that grabbed all of those compounds out of the smoke before they inhaled it.

Luckily, Moose Labs MouthPeace also comes in handy here, too. It’s perfectly adapted to let you smoke from the end of a blunt – yet it filters the smoke for you, and gives you somewhere clean to put your mouth as well. 

Moose Labs to the rescue! 

Pipes and One-Hitters: What’s The Prognosis 

When you’re by yourself, the pipe or one-hitter may be your #1 choice. Portable, easy to carry and easy to load and smoke – these smoking apparatus are convenient, yet not particularly clean. 

They don’t offer any sort of filtration system, so at the end of the day they are just like blunts, only made from glass. And you have to clean them just like a bong. 

Your best bet is to find a filter system with a universal fitting on the end that works with any smoking device… Like the Moose Labs MouthPeace. 

Seriously, it simply fits all of these smoking methods and makes them cleaner. If you are smoking through anything without a filter, you can benefit from having one of our super hygienic mouthpieces. 

Filtration takes out everything bad about smoke and leaves you with only the good stuff: pure, clean THC. Delicious, nutritious, and hygienic. That even includes…

Good Old-Fashioned Joints

From the 1970’s until today, joints (or simply “J’s”) are simply classic. But are they clean? We bet you can guess the answer based on the last couple of sections of this article.

However, just because breathing smoke directly into your lungs without filtration might not be the cleanest doesn’t mean joints can’t be clean. 

Here’s how: simple filtration. Just like mainstream cigarettes, joints will massively benefit from having a filter attached to them. This filter will reduce the amount you cough and hack while smoking because it removes the tar, ash and carcinogens from the smoke.

If you’re interested in getting some joint cone papers with a generously sized paper tip -- so that it perfectly fits into the Moose Labs MouthPeace for filtering -- then head on over to our store and clean up your joints

The Final Score 

Alright, now that we’ve reached the end of this article, let’s tally everything up.

When it comes to cleanliness: 

  • Filtration is essential – in most cases, the more the merrier
  • NOT sharing spit with other smokers helps reduce your exposure to germs
  • Maintaining cleanliness in your pipe or bong is crucial 

So, who’s the winner? Since bongs have the most filtration out of all smoking mediums they are the most clean, providing one thing: absolute cleanliness of the actual bong itself.

If your bong is just disgusting, then forget it – it might not be the cleanest way to smoke. 

And the bigger, overarching conclusion? With Moose Labs’ MouthPeace, now you can clean up ANY method of smoking – by avoiding germs and filtering smoke instantly. It protects you from bacteria wherever it may be, as well as toxins and tar – and has a universal fitting. 

So if you’re serious about cleaning up your smoke and enjoying a cleaner smoke as a result -- then you need to head over to our store and purchase one of our proprietary mouthpieces before your next smoking session.

Your body (and your sense of cleanliness) will thank you for it – with peace of mind and more enjoyment while smoking. Check out our selection here.

Thanks for reading, and continue to stay tuned for more great blogs on our website!

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