What Are Smell Proof Bags?

What are smell proof bags

Have you ever needed to leave the house with an ounce or two of weed, but didn’t know how to transport it safely? Maybe you’re also wondering how you can better store your weed to keep it as fresh as possible. After all, glass jars and stash boxes can only take you so far!

Luckily, the cannabis community has come up with innovative ways to ensure that our marijuana goodies are always safe and ready to go. Gone are the days of using flimsy and unprotected ziplock bags. Now you can properly store and carry around your weed in cutting-edge technology found in these smell proof bags. 

If you’re wondering what smell proof bags are, these are special scent proof containers that have been created specifically to ensure your bag or car doesn’t absorb the strong aromas of cannabis flower. Depending on what kind of smell proof storage it is, these containers are usually manufactured with materials such as activated carbon and airtight seals to prevent any air or order from escaping the contents. 

In this article, we’re sharing everything you might want to know about getting your own smell proof bag and what type best suits your need. These containers come in all shapes and sizes, such as baggies, pouches, mylar stand up bags, duffel bags, and more. We’ll also let you know the most effective ways to clean and protect your smell proof bag to ensure it stands the test of time.

Importance of smell proof bags

But why are smell proof bags important? Why do we even need them in the first place? One of the main reasons why smokers need to stock up on these bags is because they make for great weed storage at home. 

When handling food storage, the main priority is to ensure that the food doesn’t go bad and that you don’t suffer from any spoilage from bad storage. The same actually goes with weed storage! Since it is a natural plant, cannabis flower is prone to deteriorating when exposed to too much light, moisture, heat, and other unsavory environmental factors. Smell proof bags are designed to store weed safely with the added benefit of making sure it doesn’t stink up your entire room!

If you’re bringing over marijuana to a friend’s house, you also want to make sure that the people you encounter can’t smell it from a mile away! Smell proof bags make sure you can handle and carry around weed without worrying about someone sniffing you out. Thanks to the neutralizing-effects of smell proof cases, you can feel more at ease if you encounter someone you’d rather not share your weed with!

The Benefits of using smell proof bags

benefits of using smell proof bags

Many cannabis enthusiasts can vouch for smell proof cases due to the amazing functionality that comes with such products. The first benefit of smell proof bags is that it absolutely prevents odors that you wouldn’t want other people to detect. While there’s nothing wrong with a cannabis scent every now and then, there are some places you certainly don’t want other people to ask about what’s in your bag. 

Did you also know that these bags can also preserve the potency and freshness of cannabis? By keeping the product safe in a high-quality smell proof pouch, it prevents the breakdown of essential compounds that give you the satisfying high you’re looking for. How does this happen?

Just like other plants, when marijuana is exposed to a certain degree of heat, light, and moisture, it can affect the quality of the substance. By storing your products in a smell proof bag, you’re ensuring that your weed stays fresh and good for when you’re finally ready to enjoy it! Whether it’s in a few days or a few weeks, you can expect to enjoy a pleasurable hit with your fresh cannabis flower without worrying about the potential breakdown of THC levels.

Different Types of smell proof bags

Resealable ziplock bags

When storing your marijuana goodies, your first instinct might be to reach for a good 'old-fashioned ziplock bag. These resealable bags are easily accessible, affordable, and convenient for anyone on the go. 

While resealable ziplocks might get the job done, they're nowhere near 100% reliable. For starters, the plastic bag might snag on a sharp object and tear in an instant. No one wants their weed falling out and wasting their precious product. Even just a tiny tear is enough to stink up your bag for a day.

Activated Carbon lined bags

If you're serious about preventing odors from escaping your container, then an activated carbon lined bag is just what you need! Moose Labs guarantees high-quality activated carbon lined bags that make it easy to carry around and store your goodies such as vape carts, flower, concentrates, and other cannabis products.

Vacuum-sealed bags

Vacuum sealing your baggies is a surefire way to prevent any weed scents from lingering in your room or car. However, these might be inconvenient to use on the regular as it requires a separate piece of equipment to vacuum seal the baggies.

Smell proof pouch and cases

Smell proof cases such as pouches and standup mylar bags have risen in popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. These are affordable, convenient, and accessible for anyone looking to carry cannabis on the go.

Smell proof backpacks and duffle bags

If you’re looking for something extra large, then smell proof storage bags might be perfect for you! These come in so many shapes and sizes, such as travel bags, shoulder bags, and crossbody bags. These larger-sized bags is suitable for anyone looking to carry a bit more equipment, such as a collection of grinders, product, pipes, and more. 

So if you’re looking to invest in smell proof travel, we’d definitely recommend in acquiring an extra large smell proof bag to keep your belongings safe and odorless. Some even come with combination locks to heighten the security of your bag.

Materials Used in Smell Proof Bags

  • Activated carbon - This is a crucial material that traps odors within the bag itself since carbon as a substance is capable of absorbing the odor molecules before they can escape the bag.

  • Mylar - Mylar is a moisture-resistant and strong type of polyester that’s commonly used in standup mylar bags for both food and weed storage.

  • Airtight seals - In order for the smell proof bag to work, it requires an airtight seal to prevent any odor molecules from exiting the bag.

  • Nylon or canvas - These materials are normally used on the exterior of the bags as they are water-resistant and lightweight.

What will fit a odor proof bag

Odor proof bags are an amazing investment because you can use them for a number of items! Depending on the size of your bag, you can safely store and fit your weed baggies, mouthpeace, filter tools, grinders, and anything else you need to satisfy your weed cravings. 

Proper Usage and Maintenance of Smell Proof Cannabis Bags

Storing your weeds correctly

storing your weeds correctly

To make the most out of your storage bag, make sure to avoid throwing in particularly sharp objects that can tear the insides. Once the insides are ruined, you'll most likely start detecting odors leaving the confines of the bag. Of course, this totally defeats the purpose of the bag, so handle your bag with care!

If you're not using your bag regularly, keeping it in a spot without direct sunlight is sure to protect the longevity of the bag.

Cleaning your smell proof bag

Just like any other bag you might own, cleaning your smell proof case is essential. To ensure your bag remains completely scent proof, you’ll want to keep your bag well-maintained and clean. 

All you need is a simple cloth soaked in water and any kind of soap that can wash away any dirt or buildup that’s accumulated over time. While it doesn’t need a clean after every use, it’ll only take a few seconds to wipe down the insides and outside every other week.

Detecting and Fixing damages or leaks

To ensure the longevity of your smell bag, be sure to handle it with care and caution. The bag itself is built with durability, but it doesn't mean you should be tossing it around roughly! 

When looking for any sign of wear and tear, start checking the exterior covers, especially between the cracks. You may find some signs of deterioration along the sides, which is normal if you've been using it for a year or two.

You can also try this foolproof test. Simply place a foul-smelling fruit or object in the bag for a couple of minutes. After a while, sniff around the air to see if you can detect a lingering scent or not.


Are smell proof bags effective?

If you’ve invested in a high quality, reusable, activated carbon-lined bag, then you can carry around your weed without worrying about leaving a distinguishable smell. As long as your bag’s inner lining is intact and clean, your goods will be virtually undetectable.

How long do smell proof bags last?

Smell proof bags are generally durable, especially if the outer casing is made of nylon, canvas, or stronger material. However, there are certain factors that can speed up the deterioration of your bag. For instance, if you’re carrying around sharp objects that can easily tear the insides, this will definitely affect how long your bag lasts.

Moreover, the frequency of how often you use your bag will also affect the longevity of your scent proof bag.

Can dogs smell weed through smell proof bags?

Based on past experiments with smell proof bags, it was found that dogs could not identify marijuana through the smell proof container. While this may depend on the type and brand of the bag, anecdotal evidence suggests that you have nothing to worry about when carrying weed around sniffer dogs. 

Are smell proof bags water resistant?

Yes! Reusable smell proof bags are well-loved for their ability to protect the items contained on the inside. If your bag is accidentally drenched in water, you can expect your belongings to remain intact and in perfect condition. As much as possible, however, you’ll want to avoid getting the insides of your bag wet.

Final Thoughts

Overall, marijuana smell proof bags are amazing investments for any cannabis enthusiast out there. The technology of such bags ensure that the scent of weed won’t linger in your general area is extremely safe, reliable, and durable for years to come. It also helps protect the potency of your products and ensures that you can store and carry around your weed in safety and style!

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