What Is A Gravity Bong & How To Make The Best One

What Is A Gravity Bong and How To Make The Best One

The booming marijuana industry is showing no signs of slowing down. As more states scramble to decriminalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, new ways of smoking weed are entering the market, giving us more creative choices to get a radiant buzz from the wonder plant. 

For seasoned cannabis users, there's always the excitement of discovering a more intense high from the smoking experience. This is where gravity bongs come in. 

What is a gravity bong?

A gravity bong, also called GB, grav,  one hitter quitter, or bucket bong, is a unique smoking device that uses water and gravity to fill a bottle or chamber with a huge amount of smoke that you can then inhale. It's well known for its huge hits that can get you very high instantly. This instant high and the small amount of flower needed is what makes the gravity bong popular among old and new stoners that want to get super baked quickly. Imagine having the heavily concentrated smoke pushed into your lungs instantly. Also instead of  smoking an entire bowl of weed the GB uses a smaller amount without any cannabis going to waste. The hits are bigger and provide a stronger high than any other bong or way of smoking.  Guess what? If you and you friends only have a small amount of weed and want the best experience for everyone a gravity bong is exactly what you need for your next smoke sesh. Most GB's hold enough smoke for at least two people, and even more when you use a larger container. Ready the mouthpiece for yourgrav and enjoy a healthier safer smoking experience . When using a mouth piece it not only protects your lungs from tar its also protects you from germs to ensures the whole crew can smoke from a clean surface. There's less coughing and no germs spreading! What is there not to love about a mouthpiece!

Another great thing about gravity bongs is you can absolutely go the DIY route in making them. And you don't even need to step outside to shop for the items you'll be using because chances are you already have them at home. If you have a water bottle, a bowl, and a box cutter, you're practically ready to make one at home. You see, easy and cheap is the name of the game when it comes to this innovative way of enjoying your herb with a gravity bong.

How does a gravity bong work? 

As the name suggests, gravity bongs work by using…you guessed it…gravity to draw smoke from the cannabis and subsequently push it into your lungs. A gravity bong typically consists of a two-chamber system - a larger container (usually an empty plastic bottle) with the top cut-off that holds the water, and a smaller container with an open bottom that is submerged into the larger bottle. The smaller bowl is then lit and slowly lifted from the water. As it's pulled up, the water drains out from the chamber and is slowly replaced with smoke. From there, you can remove the lid and inhale the smoke while pushing the top chamber back down. This pushes the cannabis into your lungs, effectively delivering an intense hit. 

How High Do Gravity Bongs Get You?

How high di gravity bongs get you

Gravity bongs were made for those who can handle the unfiltered influx of THC and want to feel the full effect of it in less time. Compared with traditional ways of smoking flower, gravity bongs are larger in size, which explains the massive plume of smoke it's able to hold. A huge amount of smoke, coupled with it rushing into your lungs as the top chamber is pushed down while inhaling, and you get nothing less than a monster hit that feels out of this world. 

Because gravity bongs are known for producing an overly powerful high, it is more ideal for veteran smokers. Casual users may find the concentrated smoke too much for their tolerance. 

Should I Buy A Gravity Bong or Make One?

As you already know, making gravity bongs at home is entirely possible and doesn't cost a fortune. Simply gather your supplies, and start creating your very own homemade gravity bongs. But if you're unsure whether you should DIY or just buy one from your trusted smoke shop, then you may find the following information useful for choosing between the two: 

Pros & Cons To Making A Gravity Bong

It's pretty easy to make geeb at home and it's probably not going to take you the whole day, but there's no guarantee that you'll like the look of the final product or that it will last long. 

But hey, creating gravity bongs from scratch can be a really fun and fulfilling experience, and we'd say it's still the better option if you're just trying out a gravity bong to see if it suits the high you're looking for or not. In this case, it would be impractical to spend precious dollars on professionally-produced bongs when you may end up not using them for long. 

If you don't mind spending a few hundred dollars, then store-bought gravity bongs may be for you. In terms of overall appearance and durability, you can't go wrong with professionally-made geeb gravity bongs. They're usually made of glass or ceramic which are preferred materials for bongs due to their ergonomic design and convenience of use. With glass being a non-combustible material, you don't have to worry about it getting burned in the process and adding a different taste to the smoke you inhale. Most quality glass pieces feature some really cool designs too - perfect for when you want to add some unique and creative bongs to your collection. These pieces also pair well with a silicone mouthpiece that’s designed to filter contaminants for cleaner, safer, and more flavorful hits.

Ultimately, homemade and store-bought gravity bongs both get the job done. That is they accomplish the result of giving you big rips that deliver the effects of your favorite strains fast.  So even if you choose one over the other, you’ll be able to enjoy inhaling those puffs of smoke at your leisure.  

How To Make My Own Gravity Bong?

How to make my own gravity bong

Creating gravity bongs makes for a fun and easy project that gives the added benefit of learning about water pressure and well, gravity. Here, you'll learn the simple steps to making one of the most common types of gravity bong, the bucket bong. 

You'll need the following items: 

  • 2 liter PET plastic bottle or bucket 
  • Plastic bottle with cap
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Scissors or box cutter 
  • At least one gram of weed 
  • Poking device 

Cut the bottles 

Using a box cutter, cut the bottom of the bottle, but make sure to leave enough room for the water to enter, and for the cloud of smoke to accumulate inside later in the process. 

Next, chop off the top part of the larger bottle. Or if you’re using a bucket, you can already fill it up with water at this point. 

Prepare the bowl

Now, you need to poke a hole through the bottle cap using a lighter or scissors - whichever gets the job done. 

Place bowl piece into the hole 

For this step, you'll need a bowl piece from another bong. If you have one on hand, go on and set it through the hole you just created. But if you don't, you need to make one by wrapping the cap in aluminum foil and poking small holes in the foil using a toothpick. The size of the holes are important for ventilation, and for ensuring that the smoke from the cannabis gets into the bottle. 

Next, place some ground up weed in the foil. You can use a grinder for the dry herb but d on't grind them up too much to cause them to fall through the holes .

Fill the larger container with water 

Set the container down, or ready the plastic bottle and start pouring water into it. Ideally, fill it almost to the brim. Then submerge the smaller container into the water, and screw the cap with the foil back onto it. Now you’re ready for the exciting part. 

Add Your Mouthpeace Filter & Light it up 

This is where the magic (or more accurately, the science) happens. Light the weed that you placed on the foil while slowly pulling up the bottle. You will see smoke start to collect inside the space shared by the upper bottle and the container holding the water. Continue lifting it up until you get your desired amount of smoke. Then when you're ready to inhale, remove the lid from the upper piece, place your lips near the bottle opening, and inhale the smoke while pushing the smaller bottle down. You don't have to breathe in all the smoke at once. Simply hold the upper piece in the water and place the bottle cap back on to keep some of the smoke inside, and hit again when you feel ready. 

How to use gravity bongs socially and safely

A gravity bong will get you ripped. This is why it's so popular at parties and among young stoners who love getting wrecked with other potheads. Heck, with the size of this smoking device, you'll have enough smoke to share with a fellow cannabis enthusiast. But sometimes sharing hits also means passing germs along. Moose Labs MouthPeace lets you smoke safely through filters that remove contaminants from your smoke. Just use the silicone mouthpiece with your gravity bong (don't worry it's designed to fit any bong or joint), and share your hits without sharing germs.

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