AUGUST 5, 2020


This is a letter of endorsement for Moose Labs MouthPeace and MouthPeace Filters. I have been a physician licensed in the state of California since 1993. While my specialty training is in emergency medicine and trauma, I am also an expert in medical cannabis and have performed consultations for over 15,000 cannabis patients. I served as the medical director for a major medical cannabis manufacturer and am now a medical consultant working in the cannabis industry.

One of the challenges in advising patients who choose to smoke cannabis is to help them minimize the risks associated with smoking. During the process of combustion, harmful chemicals, such as tars and resins are formed and enter the lungs with the smoke. In addition, when smokers share pipes and rolled cannabis, as is common in social settings, they also run the risk of spreading germs by mouth.

I reviewed the research done by Moose Labs on germs present on shared cannabis smoking devices and other surfaces compared to using the Moose Labs MouthPeace and found the results impressive. Based on that data and in my professional opinion, if a person chooses to smoke, I strongly advise them to use the MouthPeace and MouthPeace Filters to avoid spreading germs and to reduce potentially harmful levels of tar, resins and other contaminants produced during combustion that would otherwise enter their lungs and throat. In my own personal experience, when I tried using MouthPeace and MouthPeace Filters, I found the experience much smoother and more pleasant.

Dr Dan Price MD

San Francisco, California

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