Frequently Asked Questions

Orders can take up to 48-72 business hours to be processed and shipped from the time your order is placed. Although, some orders are taking longer than usual to process and fulfill.

Please note the day your order is packed and shipped is not counted as a day in transit. Weekends and holidays are excluded from processing and shipping times. 

You will receive an email with tracking information when your order has been processed by our fulfillment team. Please allow up to 48-72 business hours for tracking information to update.

The order confirmation email only confirms that we have received your order. Once your order is processed by our fulfillment department, you’ll receive a separate email with your tracking number.

We can cancel your order if it has not been processed; however, order changes and address modifications cannot be accommodated.

If you have entered an incorrect shipping address, please contact as soon as possible. Be sure to include your full name, order number (if applicable), and email address associated with your order when reaching out. 

No, our system only allows one promo code, or gift card, per order. Sorry!

Unfortunately, we’re unable to apply discounts & promo codes after an order has been placed. If you were too, *cough cough*, lifted, and forgot to use your code, please save it for use on your next order! Just try to remember it next time ;)

All prices are displayed in USD, unless selected otherwise via our currency converter. Please be aware, the currency converter does not work on the final checkout page. Please keep in mind the conversion from USD to your country's currency. Depending on your country's currency, the price paid at checkout may differ from the amount deducted from your bank account.

Filters are designed to be used several times before disposing. Obviously, Filter life depends on what and how you are consuming. Certain methods of consumption and specific strains of medicine can create more dense smoke than others. Consuming medicine in large water pipes will require more frequent Filter changes than a standard hand pipe or vaporizer.

We recommend cleaning your MouthPeaces frequently, depending on use. 

Try some of the following tips to avoid your MouthPeace from getting nasty and smelly:

  1. Clean with dish soap regularly and wipe out daily with a dry paper towel. Wipe the inside, below the Filter, immediately after smoking a joint or blunt. 
  2. Do not keep your MouthPeace in your pipe or attached to your vape pen when not in use.
  3. Never keep a used Filter in your MouthPeace. Remove when not in use.

Dish soap has been reported to work best. You can also try tossing it in the dishwasher. Water spots may appear but these can be wiped away and are not harmful.

We do not recommend leaving it submerged in alcohol for extended periods of time as it can start to weaken and discolor the silicone further.

*Do not wash your MouthPeace Filter. They are designed to be used a few times before disposing. Please keep them dry.

The MouthPeace Mini Filters are ONLY compatible with the MouthPeace Mini. They are properly sized for a perfect fit and smooth rip. Do NOT use Mini Filters in your Original MouthPeace, they are not intended to fit and could pose a serious choking hazard.

The MouthPeace Mini kits are set colors and for sanitation purposes cannot be modified. Under no circumstance will requests for substitutions be allowed or granted.

MouthPeace Mini Filters can last between 5-10 standard-sized pre-roll cones, 2-3 blunts, and upwards of 30 vape hits during our testing sessions. We recommend changing frequently for optimal performance and flavor enhancement.

The MouthPeace Mini was designed to fit everything from the standard size joint to the rectangular vape cartridges. The silicone can be pinched or will stretch and contract to form an airtight seal around whatever it is you are smoking.

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