MouthPeace + Filter Support

A MouthPeace is a silicone device that allows for germ-free smoking when sharing pipes, vapes, and joints. People get sick and some people just have cooties. Protection is key and the MouthPeace provides that peace of mind.

Our MouthPeace Filters are designed to allow for near natural air flow while actively sanitizing your smoke and removing harsh stuff like resins, contaminants, and tar. Don’t worry, it doesn't affect all the good stuff you want.

Did you know, according to the American Lung Association, hemp smoke can deposit more tar in your lungs than cigarettes because of how it is smoked and held in the lungs for longer periods of time. There is no safe smoke, but our MouthPeace Filters help you Remove the Bad and Inhale the Good. Swap out your filter as needed depending on how you smoke. Filters and packaging are made from biodegradable and recycled materials.

Press a filter all the way into the MouthPeace until you feel resistance, and that’s it. You’re ready to use your MouthPeace + Filter. 

To remove your Filter, use your thumb and press halfway up the outside of the MouthPeace until it pops out. 

There are 3 ways to use the MouthPeace, and we recommend using whatever method works for your device. The silicone will always form an air-tight seal using its natural elasticity and the pressure that is applied with your mouth.


1) Insert the MouthPeace into the pipe. 

2) Flip it over to fit awkward pipes. You can press the filter directly to a pipe and use the MouthPeace backwards if it works best for that particular piece. We recommend disinfecting your MouthPeace before switching sides.

3) Insert a vape pen or joint into the MouthPeace.

We recommend cleaning your MouthPeace frequently depending on use. 

Try out the following tips to avoid MouthPeace stains and smells:

1) Clean with dish soap regularly and wipe out daily with a dry paper towel. Wipe the inside, below the Filter, immediately after smoking a joint or blunt.

2) Do not keep your MouthPeace in your pipe when not in use.

3) Never keep a used Filter in your MouthPeace. Remove when not in use.

Dish soap has been reported to work best. You can also try tossing it in the dishwasher.Water spots may appear but these can be wiped away and are not harmful.

We do not recommend leaving it submerged in alcohol for extended periods of time as it can start to weaken and discolor the silicone further.

Yes! The MouthPeace is made from platinum-cured silicone and is dishwasher-safe. You may see water spots after drying. These are harmless and can be wiped away.

The MouthPeace + Filter Roll Bundle comes with 1 MouthPeace and 1 Filter Roll. The number next to the color indicates the number of filter rolls being sent with the order.

We recommend changing as needed depending on what and how you are consuming. We tend to take BIG bong rips so we change ours out every 4-7 hits. For smaller bowls you can go about 15 hits.

No. Our Filters are intended to be used until saturated and then disposed of. They should be kept dry as the frame is made of recycled paper and would fall apart if soaked in water. Also, the Filters become pretty gross after heavy use. 

No! We spent 16 months researching and testing different weave densities and filter materials to ensure that you are still getting everything you want out of your material, just without the tar and resin. Try them for yourself and you’ll see. We are dedicated enthusiasts and would not produce a product that sacrificed the experience.

There are 3 ways to use the MouthPeace Original, and we recommend using whatever method works for the device. The silicone will always form an air-tight seal using its natural elasticity and the pressure that is applied with your mouth. 

1) Insert the MouthPeace into the pipe.

2) Flip it around to fit awkward pipes. Make sure the hole on the pipe is aligned with the MouthPeace’s core.

3) Insert a vape pen or joint into the MouthPeace.

The Filters are designed to work best with the new MouthPeace. They will fit in the Original style but you’ll need to pinch the neck lightly to hold them in place. If they were a perfect fit you wouldn’t be able to get them out. 

Only the new style MouthPeace comes with filters. 

We have extensively and exhaustively tested these products and can assure they fit. From micro rigs to mega tubes, there hasn’t been a hit we haven’t been able to take, safely. If you have a question about a certain piece, please reach out to support. 

The MouthPeace will always come with a black branded “MouthPeace” lanyard. 

If you bought a MouthPeace that did not come with a lanyard you may have purchased a knockoff. If you suspect that to be the case please send an email to

Knockoff and counterfeit goods are a real problem within our industry. Not only does it stifle the creativity of inventors but it makes it more difficult to produce awesome stuff for you! Knockoffs and counterfeits are made with low-quality silicone that can smell, tear, and leave users with rashes! The basic rule of thumb is if it doesn’t come in a branded box and isn’t stamped with the “MouthPeace” brand, it’s a fake. 

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