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Scroll down to learn how to use your MouthPeace, along with tips and tricks to get the best possible hit.

Step 1: Insert filter

Insert a Filter into the top of your MouthPeace.

Either direction is ok.

Check the images below to see how to insert your MouthPeace.

step 2: insert mouthpeace

Step 3: Inhale like normal

Put your mouth to your MouthPeace, and inhale like normal.

How to clean your mouthpeace

To reduce smells and stains:

- Wipe daily with a dry paper towel.

- Clean with dish soap regularly.

- Avoid keeping MouthPeace in pipe / Filters in MouthPeace when not in use.

- MouthPeace is dishwasher & ISO alcohol safe.

Do not get Filters wet.

Have filter questions?

Curious if you can clean your Filters, or how frequently to change them? Check out our MouthPeace & Filter FAQ.


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