Micro Carbon Filter Box x5

Need more Filters? Grab a 5 pack and save some green! Each Filter Box contains 10 Carbon Filters designed to work with the MouthPeace Micro. You will receive 5 Boxes.


doc's notes

Doc's Notes

Dr Endorsed for cleaner smoking

Filters remove resin, tar and other contaminants

MouthPeace Micro Filters remove resin, tar, and other contaminants, to provide a cleaner, smoother, better tasting puff, every time. No airflow restriction, and no loss of the good stuff.

Works with MouthPeace Micro

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MouthPeace triple-layer activated carbon Filters were developed over 16 months to provide a cleaner, smoother, better tasting puff, while removing resin, tar, and other contaminants that cause caughing and harsh tasting hits. Carbon Filters generally allow 4-7 large hits per use.

Keep Filters away from flame and water. For best use, store at room temperature.

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Made from Biodegradable & Recycled Materials

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Filters Resin, Tar, & Contaminants

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Proprietary Triple-Layered Filtration

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No loose Carbon Dust

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Our Corn Fiber Filters remove the bad, so you can inhale the good! They last longer, work better in cold environments and can handle bigger hits, while still filtering resin, tar, and other contaninants. We are incredibly proud to offer our all-natural Corn Fiber Filters and reduce our environmental impact. Together we can make a cleaner world.

Keep Filters away from flame and water. For best use, store in a room temperature location.

For optimal performance, replace Filters as needed.

Allergy warning: product is made with corn


Made from Biodegradable & Recycled Materials


Filters Resin, Tar, & Contaninants

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Sustainably Sourced

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