Blunt Filter - A Must Have Smoking Accessory

blunt filter

Using a blunt filter has recently become very popular. In the past, you pretty much had to make your own out of thick paper or steal a filter from a cigarette. Not a good look. 

We are going into 2021 and as the cannabis industry evolves, so do the ways we smoke. There are plenty of reasons why you should avoid DIY blunt filters, and we will discuss those reasons in depth below.

The importance of using a filter when smoking marijuana has never been more apparent. Rest assured, we have the perfect solution for you!

blunt filter

For most, blunt filters are used for better-tasting hits, but more studies show the health of your lungs depends on whether or not you use the correct filter for blunts. The only way to improve your smoking experience while smoking blunts is by using a proper filtration system.

Roll a fatty, spark up, and continue reading with us to find out all the nitty-gritty details of why using a blunt filter is important and which blunt filter is the best! The taste of your hits and the health of your lungs depend on it.

Why Use a Blunt Filter?

The primary reason to use a blunt filter is for health reasons, obviously. Smoking marijuana, no matter which method you use, without proper filtration, causes health risks. Tar and resin begin to buildup on your lungs the moment you take a hit.

The keyword to take note of here is proper filtration. 

There's always the option of making your own handmade filter, but rigging your own blunt filter is not the proper way to do it. The only way to filter out harmful contaminants like resins and tar from marijuana smoke is by using a triple-layer carbon filter. Moose Labs MouthPeace Mini is the only blunt filter that has a triple layer activated carbon filtration system.

There are numerous reasons you should always use a blunt filter while smoking marijuana, but we will focus on the four primary concerns.

blunt filters

Let's break down all the reasons why you should use a blunt filter:

Tar and Resin Enter Your Lungs Without a Blunt Filter

A proper blunt filter will do the job of collecting tar and resin before it has the chance to enter your mouth and lungs. Ever looked at a filter tip after smoking marijuana and seen how dark it becomes after one sesh? Pretty raunchy!

If you're holding in your weed smoke in hopes to get higher, you're introducing more tar and resin into your lungs than is necessary. Learn how to inhale weed properly.

Blunt Filters Remove Impurities to Enhance Terpenes

Why spend all that money on premium cannabis only to hinder those flavorful terpenes? A blunt filter will eliminate the majority of impurities so that you get to experience the best flavor possible. Learn how to get the smoothest hits possible with your weed filter.

A Cleaner Smoking Experience with Roaches

Roaches are packed with tar buildup, and without a blunt filter, we are forced to pinch our fingers to hold the roach creating uncomfortable burning sensations in fingers and lips. When using a blunt filter, you can simply hold the filter, not the roach. This eliminates unwanted discomfort when the blunt runs low. Furthermore, blunt filters purify the smoke coming from the roach.

Blunt Filters Reduce Uncontrollable Coughing

Your lungs are lined with sensory nerves that react to irritants. When you inhale smoke from a blunt without a filter, you're allowing contaminants into your lungs. Your body reacts by coughing to rid your lungs of those irritants. By using a proper filter, your chances of coughing are significantly reduced. Learn more about the effects of coughing and marijuana and asthma.

A trusted blunt filter like the MouthPeace Mini is the only scientifically proven way to shield your lungs from contaminants in weed smoke while allowing you to avoid germs while sharing. Resin and tar buildup on your lungs is hazardous to your health! With Coronavirus still wreaking havoc on us, the health of our lungs has never mattered more.

Options for Blunt Filters

There are a few different options for filtering blunts. Depending on what is important to you, the benefits of blunt filters vary. Certain filters offer little to no health benefits, while others significantly improve the weed you inhale from blunts.

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Let's take a look at all the different options for blunt filters:

MouthPeace Mini Filter for Blunts

The MouthPeace Mini by Moose Labs is proven to purify weed smoke more than any other blunt filter. The Mini uses triple-layer activated carbon filters that remove resins, contaminants, and tar from smoke. This not only improves the taste of each hit from a filtered blunt, but it also protects your lungs from being contaminated by unwanted resin and tar buildup.

The MouthPeace Mini blocks that unwanted loose cannabis leaf from getting into your mouth. It literally does everything every other blunt filter tip does, plus so much more. Additionally, the Mini comes in different colors, adding a little personality to your blunt. There is no other blunt filter like the MouthPeace Mini!

After one smoke sesh with this filter, you'll see for yourself just how much is filtered out. The once white carbon filter will be black from tar and resin from only one use.

Roll Your Own

You've got the option to roll your own blunt filter. The thing is, though, the only added benefit from using a handmade blunt filter is it's going to block that unwanted loose leaf from getting in your mouth. This filter tip allows for larger particles to pass through, so your lungs won't benefit much. It's a great option, however, if you've got no other choice!

Exactly like rolling a filter for a joint, use cardstock paper and roll it back and forth in the shape of a W, first. Then with the leftover paper, wrap around the W. This blunt filter tip will need to be a little bit larger than one would use for a joint.

Cigarette Filter

You can do the super unclassy thing and steal a filter from a cigarette to roll into your blunt. Although, the main issue here is a cigarette filter is made to filter tobacco. They are made of densely packed plastic strands that allow very few THC/CBD molecules through. Plus, if you don't smoke cigs, you've got to go out and purchase a pack. For the price of a pack of cigarettes, you can buy MouthPeace Mini and reuse it!

What is the Best Filter for Blunts?

Sure, any filter is better than no filter. But the only filter that is proven to remove tar, resins, and contaminants from your blunt smoke is the MouthPeace Mini. The only blunt filter that uses a triple-layer activated carbon filtration system is the Mini.

The Mini by Moose Labs is versatile, too! There are two ends to this filter that allows you to use one side for smaller joints and standard pre-rolls, and the other end fits blunts and vaporizers. The discreet design of the MouthPeace Mini is perfect for the on-the-go toker, so you can enjoy an excellent high everywhere you go!


The only way to improve your smoking experience when smoking a blunt is to use the MouthPeace Mini. You won't get filtration like this from any other blunt filter! Keep in mind the importance of the health of your lungs while smoking weed. The only filter you'll need is the MouthPeace Mini. Moose Labs has got your back!

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