Can You Get Black Lips From Smoking Weed?

Can You Get Black Lips From Smoking Weed?

Lip color can change from person to person at different stages of life.

 However, some people do develop black lips from smoking weed.

When that happens, many people are self-conscious about changes in the color of their lips. 

 Aside from how that looks, it's unwelcome if they don't want their cannabis consumption to be common knowledge. 

So, what are weed smoker lips? Why do you get dark lips from smoking? Is there a way to prevent weed lips, and is there any cure once smoker lips appear? 

Can You Get Black Lips from Smoking Weed?

Weed smoker lips are a commonly-recognized phenomenon. You can get black lips from smoking cannabis or tobacco. 

Weed smoking lips are pretty common in heavy, long-term tokers or smokers. They appear a lot less often in people who enjoy a casual joint every now and then. 

But smokers' lips do tend to change color gradually. 

You may not notice your lips becoming darker until someone points it out to you. 

You might assume you can only get dark lips from smoking weed. But you can also get darker lips from other causes: 

  • Allergies: An allergic reaction to lip balm, toothpaste, lipstick, or any other product can darken your lips.
  • Caffeine: Heavy consumption of coffee or tea can stain your lips and change their color over time.
  • Hygiene: Poor hygiene can accumulate toxins on the surface of the lips, making them appear darker.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Both deficiencies in certain vitamins or an increased concentration of iron can change lip color.
  • Too much sun:  Just as the rest of your skin can burn or tan, so can your lips. You run a risk of sunburn on your mouth if you don't use an SPF-containing lip balm.
  • Pregnancy: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can deepen the pigmentation in your lips.
  • Sucking your lips: Sucking on your lips can bruise them over several months.
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions, including HIV, can cause hyperpigmentation of the lips.

What are smoker lips

Smoker lips is a slang term used when a smoker's lips turn a different color from smoking. Vertical wrinkles may also appear around the mouth. 

The deeper color usually appears unevenly across the lip areas that usually touch joints or cigarettes. 

You can get dark brown, black, blue, or even blotchy purple lips from smoking weed. Just look for an unnatural color you haven't noticed in your lips before. 

Why Do You Get Dark Lips from Smoking?

There are several reasons why cannabis and cigarette smoke can darken your lips. A lot of different lifestyle factors usually cause smoker lips. 

They may appear simply because of smoking or one or more of the other causes listed above. The change largely depends on your body and smoking behaviors. 

Smoker lips

But there's more than one aspect of smoking that leads to weed smoking lips, which we'll cover here. 

The great news is your lips will generally return to normal a few weeks after you stop smoking. 

The bad news is if you want to carry on toking joints, it may be impossible to get rid of your weed lips by waiting for natural healing. 

However, a tool like the MouthPeacefrom Mooselabs will protect you against the toker's risk factors for smokers' lips. 

Resin can cause Smoker lips

When plants burn, they usually leave a resin behind that's darker than what was burning. Weed is no exception. 

When you inhale a joint, you take in more than a hit of the smoke.  A tiny amount of the resin will reach your lips too. 

Although such a small amount of the built-up chemicals remains behind, this resin will begin to stain your lips over time. 

You can Get Burnt Lips from Smoking

When you smoke cannabis, you're burning or vaporizing weed to release and inhale the THC compounds that get you high. 

Whether you smoke a joint, dab, or any other device, the heat has to escape somewhere—a lot of the time that heat comes in contact with your mouth.

 Though you may not be aware of it, you run the risk of burn marks on lips from smoking when you repeatedly expose your lips to heat. 


Weed smoke restricts the amount of oxygen that reaches your lips and skin, causing a bluish shade. Exposure to heat and smoke can also leave your lips dehydrated, eventually losing some of their color. 

Help prevent Burn Marks on Lips from Smoking Weed

You can prevent burn marks on your lips from smoking weed in several ways. Most of these try to remedy the problem after it has already happened by healing your lips from the damaging effects of smoking weed. 

Only one solution tackles how to preventlips from turning black from smoking. The MouthPeace from Mooselabs creates a complete barrier between your lips and the source of heat. 

It consists of a silicone tube you place around the end of the joint and a replaceable filter. 

You’ll notice a difference immediately when smoking with a MouthPeace, the heat will be reduced and the smoke will not be as harsh.

A MouthPeace Can Help Prevent Black Lips from Smoking

The MouthPeace isn't just great at preventing burn marks on lips from smoking. 

This handy tool also stops harmful tar and resin from reaching your lips, so you'll never have to worry about resin stains. 

MouthPeace's filter protects your lips and makes sure they never make direct contact with the smoke. 

The MouthPeace helps filter smoke as you inhale. Only the best flavors of your flower will come through, and you'll get a mellower hit. 

What's more, you'll be able to puff-puff-pass without any worries about germs from sharing your smoking equipment. 

Stay Hydrated

Alongside using a MouthPeace, we recommend that you always hydrate while smoking. Always aim for 6-8 glasses of water on any normal day. 

On days when you're smoking, too, allow for the dehydrating effects of heat and weed. Be sure to drink a couple of glasses of water during a smoking session. 

Remedies For Smokers Lips

A MouthPeace is a powerful tool to use in preventing purple lips from smoking weed. But maybe you've already got burnt lips from smoking, and you're self-conscious of them. 

There are several tried and tested methods to improve the appearance of weed smoker lips. 

Lip Balm

Apply lip balm to your lips regularly, even if they don't feel dry yet. This precaution can lessen or help prevent discoloration of the stained skin of smoker lip. Shop around for natural beeswax or hemp-based lip balm. 


Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the skin's surface. That's perfect if you're trying to refresh dark lips from smoking. Mix 2 tsp sugar and 1 tsp honey and rub the mixture on your lips for five minutes. Then take half a lemon and rub it across your lips for another five minutes. The sugar and honey will wear away resins and discolored skin. The lemon will lighten the color of smoker lips.

OTC Remedies

Topical treatments are available for smokers' lips, but they're often more helpful for lip wrinkles than for skin discoloration. These treatments include anti-wrinkle creams. 

Natural Remedies

Some people believe natural remedies are the best way to reverse weed smoking lips. These treatments include applying pomegranate, lemon, lime, or beetroot juice to your lips for 10 or 15 minutes to lighten and brighten the color of the skin safely. 


We've covered what smokers' lips are, why they occur, and what you can do to remedy them. But if you want to prevent black lips from smoking before they can start, there's one clear solution. 

The MouthPeace will protect you from skin discoloration by filtering resin and heat before they even reach your lips. Now you can smoke weed in private to your heart's content without worrying that weed lips will give the game away. 

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