How to Smoke Weed

how to smoke weed

how to smoke weed

If you’ve never smoked weed before, getting started can be intimidating.


After all, asking someone cool “How do you smoke weed?” can feel silly. Plus, if you don’t know how to smoke properly, you might not get high, and then you’ve just wasted your weed.


Luckily, learning how to smoke weed can be easy!


Whether you want to know how to light a joint or how to take a hit of weed, it’s all here. In this article, you’ll learn the different methods of how to properly smoke weed, how to inhale, healthier ways to smoke, and proper smoking etiquette for the next time you’re getting blazed with your buds. 


Methods of Smoking Marijuana

Pot smokers are creative people. While you may be familiar with one or two ways of smoking weed, there are actually at least four common smoking methods.


Everyone has their own favorite method of getting high. Learning about all of the options listed below will help you choose your own personal favorite way to get blazed efficiently. We’ll even share tips for filtering out tar and resin to protect your lungs and make weed taste better — a win-win. 


How to Smoke a Joint

 how to smoke a joint

The best-known proper way to smoke weed is definitely the joint. Why? Because joints are easy, convenient, and simple. Here’s how to smoke a joint the right way. 


  1. Roll your joint if you don’t have one premade. 

You can buy joints premade or roll your own. If you’ve never smoked one before, learn how to properly smoke a joint first before trying to learn how to roll. 


  1. Light your joint the right way.

Learning how to properly light a joint is its own art. Lighting a joint takes longer than you’d think. Use your lighter to only light the very end of the joint, and slowly roll the joint to heat it evenly. You want a small, glowing cherry at the end, not a torch!


  1. Use a filter.

Once you have a smoking joint, you can use a handy filter like the Moose Labs MouthPeace Mini.


Instead of relying on mediocre filters that are in premade joints, you can just pull out your handy MouthPeace Mini and included filters, made with activated carbon and triple-layered to keep out tar and resin while getting all the goodness you want. Just pop the mouth end of your joint in one end and you’ll inhale through the other. 


  1. Take a hit.

Finally, it’s time to practice how to hit a joint. Breathe in slowly and evenly to keep the cherry burning, then exhale immediately. No need to hold it for a long time. THC is fully absorbed within 2 seconds. Holding it any longer is only serving to cut off oxygen from your brain.


How to Smoke a Blunt

 how to smoke a blunt

Using blunts is very similar to smoking a joint. There are two big differences: a blunt is generally bigger, and it’s made with a cigar or blunt wrap that contains tobacco. This leads to a one-two punch of nicotine and THC in one product, which makes it a popular choice for many. 


  1. Light your blunt like you’d light a joint. 

It may take longer to light a blunt, because it’s thicker. However, once you know how to light a joint, you know the most important rules for how to hit a blunt. The difference is their size and effects. 


  1. Always use a filter.

Once your blunt is lit, pop the mouth end into the wide side of your Moose Labs MouthPeace Mini. The tobacco in the blunt wrapper can expose you to more unnecessary tar and resin, so keep your lungs safe!


  1. Hit the blunt slowly and evenly. 

Put your mouth on the end of the MouthPeace and breathe in slowly, then exhale right away. 


How to Smoke out of a Bong

how to smoke marijuana

Bongs are famous and fun. These glass, silicone, or plastic sculptures allow you to breathe cooler smoke and more of it, so many people feel like they get you higher. 


To smoke a bong, put your ground marijuana in the bong bowl. Make sure you’ve filled the body of the bong with water, or it won’t be smooth! Take a few deep breaths, then breathe out entirely. 


Next, sit in front of the bong with the bong bowl facing away from you and place your MouthPeace Original over the top mouthpiecebetween you and the bong. Light the weed in the bong bowl and begin inhaling so you draw the smoke into the bong. The MouthPeace’s filtration abilities help protect you from the tar that bongs can produce and keeps you safe from the harshness that tends to come with large amounts of smoke.


Finally, once the bong looks like it’s full of enough smoke, pop out the bong bowl and continue breathing steadily until the bong is clear of smoke.


How to Smoke a Bowl or Pipe

how to smoke a bowl

Finally, pipes and bowls are the halfway point between joints and bongs. They’re a handy tool that lets you smoke without having to buy or roll joints every time. 


To smoke a bowl, first create a screen by stuffing a stem or chunk of calyx over the hole in your pipe so you don’t wind up breathing in ash. You can also use a MouthPeace Filter at the end of your pipe to protect your lungs from ash and soot. 


Next, add your ground weed into the bowl and lightly pack it in. Ideally, it should be dense at the bottom and loose at the top to burn evenly. Finally, light the bowl and take a proper hit!


Proper Way to Smoke Cannabis

No matter what method you choose, there are some safety rules for how to smoke weed right. If you cough, you’re inhaling too much tar and other dangerous stuff in the smoke. Instead, learn how to smoke marijuana properly and get high without coughing.


How to Inhale Marijuana Properly

The first and most important rule of toking is that you don’t need to hold your breath.If you’re holding your breath, you’re just depositing more tar in your lungs and depriving your brain of oxygen. About 95% of all THC is absorbed in the first few seconds while you’re still breathing in. 


Instead, try short, shallow tokes. You still get the same amount of THC, but smoke doesn’t reach as far into your lungs. This also keeps you from wasting THC that isn’t absorbed because it never touched your lung tissue. 


Best of all, this also keeps you from coughing. The less tar and resin that winds up in your lungs, the less irritated they’ll be, and the less coughing you’ll do. 


Smoking Etiquette

There’s more to smoking than just knowing how to use different types of marijuana delivery methods. You need to be polite, or you won’t be asked to come and smoke again. Here are the four big rules of smoking weed: 

  • First, if you have weed and other people are around, always offer to share. What goes around, comes around.
  • Second, if you have a burning blunt and other people are nearby, pass it on. If you just hold onto it while it’s lit, you’re just wasting THC.
  • Third, even if you’re done with a joint, someone else might be interested. Always ask other people if they want something before you toss your butts. 
  • Fourth, be polite to other people who don’t like to smoke. Always move away or put it out if children become present.



Now that you know how to smoke pot in all sorts of ways, you can choose your favorite. Just remember to share your stash, always use a filter, and never hold your breath, and you’re on your way to an amazing marijuana experience.

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