Hotboxing Weed: Is It Worth It?


passing a blunt hotboxing

Hotboxing weed isn't exactly a new method of cannabis consumption. It dates back to two thousand years ago when nomadic groups made booths from sticks and woolen felts to create an enclosed space to smoke cannabis. Today, marijuana users still practice hotboxing for the sole purpose of intensifying their high. 

What is Hotboxing?

Hotboxing refers to the practice of smoking weed in a small, closed area such as inside the car or a closet — unventilated areas that are easy to fill with marijuana smoke. Typically, hotboxing entails gathering several of your buddies in an enclosed space to elevate your high. When hotboxing, all windows are sealed shut to prevent air from entering…and escaping.

How Hotboxing Works

Hotboxing only works if you’ve secured an enclosed area that can contain the smoke. Normally done with friends, bongs and other smoking apparatuses are passed around until the area is visibly clouded with marijuana smoke. 

Hotboxing is apopular form of smoking weed since many believe that this method makes sure you get the most bang for your buck. The lack of ventilation also means that your lungs are filled with more smoke, which can intensify the euphoric feeling of being high.

Is Hotboxing Dangerous?

At first glance, the idea of trapping yourself in an enclosed area for some time may sound dangerous, but there are plenty of ways to safely hotbox and still have a good time. 

First, make sure to always let someone know that you’re hotboxing. Schedule your sessions to only last an hour or less. If you stay at a hotbox for hours at a time, you can expect to feel nauseous and sick. If you feel yourself getting out of breath, it’s time to exit the area and enjoy your buzz.

It’s also worth considering your pre-existing conditions, especially conditions that involve the respiratory system. Hotboxing is perfectly safe, but it also requires a good understanding of your body’s limits.

Side Effects of Hotboxing

effects of hotboxing

Secondhand Smoke Exposure

In any kind of hotbox, you can expect to be surrounded by secondhand smoke from friends you’re smoking with. Extreme exposure to secondhand smoke can further irritate your lungs due to the fact that the smoke has already passed through someone else’s system. Smoking weed, while it does have its benefits, also comes with its downsides. Such as, filling your lungs with unwanted tar.

Hence, if you have any underlying health conditions, proceed to hotbox with caution and awareness– or not at all! There are somany different ways to get high; hotboxing might not be for everyone!

Contact Highs

A contact high is the ability to get high without ingesting or smoking marijuana. Studies show that simply being in a hotbox (without taking a hit) can result in a positive drug test for THC. Being in a hotbox while also smoking marijuana can get youfeeling extra stoned during the session. 


Due to the humidity of the hotbox, you can expect to feel dehydrated during a session. Inhaling smoke through your mouth can generally leave a dry feeling, but the heat from the hotbox can intensify this sensation. Make sure to have water close by to prevent any dizzy spells from dehydration. And of course, hydrate up afterwards!


Speaking of dizzy spells, you may also feel lightheaded inside a hotbox. This isn’t solely to do with the effects of the cannabis, but rather, the lack of ventilation in the enclosed area. Less ventilation means there’s less oxygen, which means you’re depriving your body of what it desires to inhale. 

If you’re beginning to feel extremely lightheaded, this is a sign that it’s time to leave, and go outside and enjoy some fresh air! 

Places To Hotbox

places to hotbox

1. Tent

If you have a tent lying around your house, then today is your lucky day. Tents are one of the more common go-to hotboxes since you can set up camp quite easily. Just don’t forget to layer a tarp over the top of your tent and cover up any mesh parts to keep the smoke in. 

You’ll also want to avoid trying this in public places to avoid any trouble with the law. Make sure you are smoking cannabis within the legal bounds of your state.

2. Blanket Fort

For this method, you’ll have to tap into your inner child to make a DIY blanket fort. Gather large pillows, comforters, and blankets to create a sturdy structure for your hotboxing needs. While this might take a bit longer to build, it will definitely be worth the effort, and create a fun atmosphere to enjoy your buzz in!

3. Car

While Hotboxing a car is fairly popular, you’ll want to really consider if it’s something worth doing. In many states, driving, utilizing, or even being in the car while under the influence of marijuana, or other drugs, is illegal. That being said, it is possible to hotbox a car - and many find it effective. Hop in, close the door, roll up all the windows and blast some tunes while you enjoy your favorite form of bud. Don’t forget to set the a/c off or to recirculate, to maintain the box.

4. Bathroom

Bathrooms are also a great way to hotbox if you don’t have the time to set up a space. Just set your shower heater to maximum heat to let the steam fill up your bathroom. If you have towels on hand, it will help to seal the cracks under any doors you may have.

Luckily, the steam works as an easy hack to hide the distinct weed smell, and you can also hop in the shower right after to wash off any lingering traces of weed.

The legality of Hotboxing A Car 

You might be wondering if it’s legal to hotbox in a car. The rule of thumb is that you can hotbox in your parked car on private property, such as your own driveway. However, hotboxing in public can lead to some serious charges. 

In some states, sitting in the driver’s seat while under the influence of cannabis can easily get you charged with a DUI. It doesn’t matter if you’re not even driving anywhere; the authorities might not have the best assumptions if they come across your car. It’s best to avoid these possible complications and stick to hotboxing at home with your friends!

Hotboxing Is Meant For Sharing Space…Not Germs

Hotboxing is mainly done with friends since you’ll need a lot of smoke to achieve the cloud effect of a hotbox. When smoking with friends, ensure the health and safety of you and your friends by considering a mouthpiece.

Apersonal mouthpeace with filters can easily help remedy this problem, especially if you’re hitting someone else’s bong. Not only does a filtered mouthpiece enhance your smoking experience, but it also filters out any unnecessary additives you may be getting from the smoke, which ensures your getting more THC! And who doesn’t want that?

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