Best Ways to Smoke Weed 2024

Best Way to Smoke Weed

Cannabis Flower is a wonderful and powerful plant but when it comes to all the different methods of smoking, what’s the best way to smoke weed in 2024?

With the variety of smoking methods available, determining the best way to smoke weed hinges on your preferences and lifestyle. There are a ton of different ways to smoke weed, but the real question is: what’s the best one for you?

Whether you seek a mellow buzz for relaxation, aim to reach new heights of euphoria, or want to get so high you forget your name, the options are endless. From conserving weed to save money, promoting healthier habits, getting the highest, or maintaining discretion, there’s a smoking device and smoking method tailored to your needs.

In our best way to smoke weed guide we will cover the different consumption methods and the best way to smoke weed, offering insights into each technique’s advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re new to cannabis or revisiting it after some time, our guide to smoking methods and accessories for cannabis use ensures you’re well-equipped to find the best way to smoke weed in 2024.

What’s The Best Way To Smoke Weed?

So, let’s get into what the best way to smoke weed is so you’ll have no issues choosing which one fits you with the following list provided. Whether you’re budgeting or care about your lungs’ health, you’ve got options!

Read below to help you determine what’s the best way to smoke weed based on your needs:

Best Way To Smoke Weed and Keep Lungs Healthy

best way to smoke weed and keep lungs healthy

Lung health is essential for any cannabis enthusiast. Resin and tar impose health risks and can damage your lungs and increase the risk of health complications such as the combination of marijuana and asthma.

For the best way to smoke weed while keeping your lung health in mind, we’ve got an excellent solution for you! Learn more about the healthiest way to smoke weed.

Moose Labs MouthPeace (glass bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, and pipes) and MouthPeace Mini (joints, blunts, weed vape pens) are the best weed-smoking devices. They use a triple-layer activated carbon filter or corn filter to remove tar and resin from your weed smoke.

Do you know the black build-up you see on your bong after just one rip? That is tar and resin, and it builds up on anything that smokes from weed touches, including your lungs. A MouthPeace and Mini can help shield your lungs from tar and resin for a smoother, cleaner, healthier alternative for your smoke session. 

No matter which method you use to smoke marijuana, you can protect your lungs using MooseLabs MouthPeace, Micro, or MouthPeace Mini!

Best Way To Get Really High Off Weed

Are you someone who enjoys smoking weed and wants to find the best way to smoke weed to get you super fried? There are a few different methods you can try!

  • Dabbing

  • Gravity bong

  • Blunt

  • Bong

You could try dabbing, using a gravity bong, smoking a whole blunt in one sesh (facing a blunt), using a large party bowl (23mm size) for your bong, or all of the above!

However, these methods can lead to a very potent and long-lasting high, so it’s best to try them on a day when you don’t have any essential plans. You might feel pretty out of it for about 6 hours afterward.

Best Way To Smoke Weed For Beginners

New to smoking weed? If it’s your first time, the best way to smoke weed for a beginner is:

  • Chillum

  • Glass Pipe

  • Vape Pen

Beginners may find using a chillum, glass pipe, or cannabis vape pen to be easiest. They’re simple and don’t need much experience. Use a grinder to grind your weed or break it up with your fingers, and pack the bowl.

Vape Pens are super simple to use and less harsh on your throat. You can control your intake with the amount of puffs you take. But keep in mind that smoking from a chillum or glass pipe might feel harsh on your throat, especially for newbies, so using a Moose Labs mouthpiece can help.

Best Way To Smoke Weed and Save Money

Are you trying to budget and save money while getting high? Here is the best way to smoke weed to save money:

  • One Hitter

  • Dab Rig

  • Weed Joint

Choose a one-hitter, a dab rig, or smoke joints if you want to save money and get faded. Since you will be smoking a smaller amount of pot, using a one-hitter or smoking joint will allow you to save your stash for an extended period.

Dab rigs are the best way to smoke weed and save money if you already have a rig set up. The only issue here is that your tolerance is going to be out of this world due to the THC content in concentrates.

Best Way To Smoke Weed In Public

For the best way to smoke weed in public, here is the method smoking methods!

  • Vape Pen

  • One Hitter

  • Small Pipe

  • Joint

For the smoker that loves a good toke on the go, use a one-hitter, roll a joint, use a small hand pipe, or a weed vape pen. These methods of smoking use a smaller amount of weed. Therefore, the weed smoke produced is less, and you run less of a risk of giving yourself away.

You can use a MouthPeace Mini with any of these methods to filter the weed smoke and protect your lungs!

All The Ways To Smoke Weed In 2024

all the ways to smoke weed

In 2024, there will be many ways to smoke weed, including a one-hitter, glass pipe, weed vape pen, joint, blunt, bong, bubbler, gravity bong, and dab rig. Each has its pros and cons.

One Hitter- Perfect For Stealth and Saving Money

Choose a one-hitter if you want the quick hit that is discreet in public but also very effective. Many one-hitter dugouts look like cigarettes from a distance or are small enough to be hidden by your hand while smoking. One Hitter provides a potent high without using too much weed, saving you money! These are also much more acceptable in public than walking around town with a giant bong.

The downside to using a one-hitter is that the bowl holds a small amount of weed, so if you have a higher tolerance, you might need to pack your one-hitter a few more times than regular cannabis smokers.

Glass Pipe- Easiest Way To Smoke Weed

Glass Pipes are an excellent starter method for the best way to smoke weed if you’re new to the game. Glass pipes are typically really enjoyable to look at, so it’s fun to pick out some lovely new glass for yourself. Without the hassle of setting a bong up, smoking out of a glass pipe is easy and enjoyable. 

The one downside to using a glass pipe is how harsh the hit will be. When using a glass hand pipe, the weed smoke has a small space to pass through, which means there’s less time for the cannabis smoke to cool down. Use a MouthPeace to make the hits from a glass pipe less harsh.

Weed Vape Pen- New Way To Smoke Weed

Weed vape carts are loved by many due to their discreet and potent nature. Weed vape pens are one of the best ways to smoke weed, as they are done through a vaporizer. These small devices pack a punch and can come in various concentrations, such as live resin, live rosin, diamonds, cannabis sauce, and more!

Joint- Smoke Weed Socially

Joints are one of the most traditional smoking methods for those looking for something simple and perfect for social gatherings. Grab yourself some hit-quality weed and efficiently roll a joint with rolling papers, or grab a pre-roll from your favorite dispensary! The nice thing about a joint is that it can be rolled as large or small as needed and disposed of when finished. Great for outdoor smoking, especially while walking, hiking, golfing, or just hanging out outside.

The only downside is the smell factor makes it less ideal for indoor smoking. If you’re going to share your joints, use a MouthPeace Mini for a germ-free smoke! By using joint filters, you can safely smoke socially.

Blunt- Smoke Weed Socially

The best way to smoke weed, for a social smoker, is a blunt. Think of a joint, but instead of thin paper, it’s wrapped in blunt wraps. Blunts are great for social gatherings and are best enjoyed outdoors unless you don’t mind your whole house stinking like weed and tobacco for weeks afterward.

A blunt produces a more pungent smell when compared to a cannabis joint, so it’s best to use this method outside. Also, you need to use a MouthPeace Mini if you are smoking socially using a blunt. Share blunts, not germs! By using blunt filters, you can smoke socially and safely. Learn more about how to smoke a blunt in just three steps.

Bong & Water Pipes- Best Thing To Smoke Out Of

Ole Faithful. Our preferred cannabis consumption method is through a bong or water pipe. The lighting of the bowl, the slow, steady burn, then the rush of bubbles as you pull the bowl and receive your toke. It’s magical. But only for the experienced smoker. It won’t wreck your day like a gravity bong but will get you high quickly. Bongs are great because they filter the smoke through water and ice to deliver an excellent, smooth hit. Learn how a bong works and how to use a bong.

Bubblers- Coolest Things To Smoke Out Of

If you want to know the best way to smoke weed for a quick fix, a bubbler is right for you. It resembles a smaller bong, so you don’t get too smacked or lit off one hit. A trick to ash your bubbler: if you’re outside, blow at the ash, and it should fly out. If you are inside, cover the carb and flip it over. You won’t lose any water from the bowl; then you can use a paper clip to clear it out.

Smoking out of bubblers is fun, but the downside is that they are noisy. If you are smoking at home with others who would disapprove, this isn’t a very discreet method of smoking.

Gravity Bong- Healthiest Way To Consume Weed

Whew. Okay. Are you ready for a good time? If you have absolutely nothing to do for the day and you want to exist for about 8 hours straight, a gravity bong is the best way to smoke weed. Just be prepared to talk yourself out of thinking you can’t breathe. It’s good times, nonetheless.

One downside is going to be how high you get. This isn’t an issue for some, but if you’re a newer weed smoker, you might want to brace yourself when using this method.

Dab Rig- Best Way To Get Really High Off Weed

Dabbing is the term used for smoking pure cannabis extracts and cannabis concentrates. Once you’ve become a pro weed smoker, this method will most likely become the best way to consume weed for you since you’re smoking straight THC concentrate wax. You use a dab rig, which looks like a bong, but instead of packing the bowl with cannabis flower, you use a dab tool called a dabber to scrape some wax onto the tip. Then, using a blowtorch or electric nail, heat the nail (the dab rig version of the bong bowl), let it cool briefly, then put the wax on to the hot nail. It can be intimidating the first few times, so we recommend not trying this alone.

One downside? Your tolerance is going to be sore. This means your tolerance will make it hard for you to get high using any other method of smoking if you’re used to dabbing regularly.

So, What Is The Best Way To Smoke Marijuana?

It’s essential to keep health in mind at all times. While packing a bowl and otherwise. No matter which method you pick, make sure to be a conscious smoker and show love to your lungs. As a smoker of 14 years, I have had my fair share of cannabis experiences with every smoking gadget, and I can tell you my favorite way to smoke weed often changes as my life changes.

For me, no matter what I decide to smoke cannabis out of, I always use a Mooselabs MouthPeace for all my more extensive smoking tools and a Mooselabs Mini for any of my smaller smoking devices. Smoking with a triple-layer carbon filter enhances my smoking experience on all my favorite smoking tools by improving taste and enhancing terpenes by filtering out nasty tar and resin that would otherwise go to your lungs.

The best way to smoke weed, in my opinion, is whatever device suits your needs, and make sure you use it with a Mooselabs Mouthpeace.


Now that you have an idea of all the different ways to smoke weed, you can choose the best cannabis product for yourself. Which will be your favorite? No matter which method of weed smoking you decide on, it’s always best to use a MouthPeace, Micro, or MouthPeace Mini so you can protect your lungs.

Knowing the best time to smoke weed will also help you determine the best way to smoke weed. For instance, if you’re waking up, you can hit your one-hitter, then smoke a bong rip after breakfast, and slowly increase to using a dab rig at night to put you out!

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