Happy Danksgiving! A Stoners Ultimate Guide To Enjoying Weed on Thanksgiving Day 2022

Happy Danksgiving

Thanksgiving may seem like just another family holiday to endure, but why not make it all the more fun by getting high on Thanksgiving? A stoned Thanksgiving means the food tastes 1000 times better and any could-be family drama fades into the background. 

And as the year comes to a close, everyone deserves a little treat this holiday season. We got everything you need to prepare and celebrate a happy Danksgiving! Lucky for you, we have some cannabis-infused edible ideas and other ways to enjoy some cannabis this Thanksgiving holiday!

What is “Danksgiving”?

Danksgiving is that special time of the year when stoners collectively celebrate everything they have to be thankful for. Everyone has their own Danksgiving customs, so there’s no way to get it wrong! 

Whether you want to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner high, or spend the day after Thanksgiving completely stoned, Danksgiving is a celebration for everyone. Either way, no one’s stopping you from enjoying a whole week of Danksgiving festivities!

Ways To Smoke On The Down-Low Before Thanksgiving Dinner

ways to smoke on the down-low

1. Plan Accordingly

Respect the sanctity of Danksgiving and plan it like you would any big event. If you’re spending the day with family, and they enjoy cannabis too, why not organize a happy Danksgiving with your cool siblings and relatives? 

In fact, get creative! Plan some cannabis-infused meals or figure out a unique hiding spot at your grandmother’s house to pass around a festive bong.

2. Pick Your Strain

Choose a strain that matches the energy of the evening. If you’ll need to keep a dinner table conversation going, go for a strain that’ll give you that energy boost to stay on your feet. Be careful, though! You don’t wanna go overboard with any over-stimulating strains so as not to give yourself away.

If most Thanksgiving events are chaotic evenings you just need to quietly endure, you can opt in for a more mellow strain to keep you feeling good throughout the night.

3. Timing is Key

If you don’t want to show up to the table with blazing red eyes, you’ll want to smoke up early. Schedule your session about two hours before the turkey is served so you have time to get yourself ready for a night of socializing.

4. Head Outside For A “Walk”

While everyone’s busy preparing the food, excuse yourself from the festivities and take a nice walk outside with everything you need to celebrate Danksgiving right. This includes your favorite tool for smoking/or ingesting cannabis. This can include, bongs/joints, vapes, lighters, your favorite strain, or any kind of edible!

To make sure you get the most euphoric hit with the limited time you have,snag a much-needed joint filter for a better tasting, and healthier, rip. And with all the calories you’ll be consuming at the dinner table, keeping your lungs safe from nasty toxins is the least you could do for your body on Danksgiving day.

5. Get Yourself Together

Once you’re ready to re-integrate back into society, make sure you have eyedrops to disguise the red eye effect. Always keep some gum and cologne handy to shake off any lingering weed smells.

Other Ways To Get High On Thanksgivng Day

1. Cook Up A Feast

Edibles don’t always have to come in the form of baked goods or gummies. You can thank the weed gods for inventions like cannabutter or cannabis-infused olive oil, so you can cook up mashed potatoes, gravy, creamy soups, and even turkey that’ll give you a happy Danskgiving hit.

2. Go for a Walk

Going for a walk may seem like a flimsy excuse, so play up the acting. Let your family know that you have to deal with an important work matter or that your friend is consulting you for an urgent crisis. No one will blink twice when you come back from a walk after half an hour.

3. Holiday Hotbox

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving at a relative’s house, you’ll need to plan this with a relative who’s on a similar wavelength. Whether you’re hotboxing in a childhood bedroom or your car parked on another street, it’s always more fun to share the Danksgiving spirit. 

If you’re sharing your device,remember to use a MouthPeace for a better, safer, and cleaner smoking experience.

Best Weed Strains For Thanksgiving Day 2022

best weed strains for thanksgiving 2022

Green Crack

We all know that post-Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect time for a food coma. Try out this Sativa strain that’ll keep you energetic for the family festivities that follow. After all, you don’t want to risk passing out and letting your mom revive any embarrassing childhood photos without your awareness! 

OG Kush 

This classic strain matches amazingly with Thanksgiving must-haves, such as mashed potatoes and good ‘ol fashioned turkey. Even better, it’ll help enhance the natural flavors of your scrumptious feast.

And if the dinner table conversations tend to stress you out, this perfect Thanksgiving cannabis strain will help you calm down and relax.

Tangie Power

The citrus overtones of Tangie Power pair well with the everpresent cranberry sauce that come with Thanksgiving dinners. This powerful strain will leave you bubbly and sociable enough to make Thanksgiving all the more exciting!

White Widow

Another cornerstore of Thanksgiving is the inevitable glass of wine being offered. Lucky for you, this strain goes perfect with most wines such as Pinot Noir. Since White Widow is a hybrid indica-dominantstrain, you’ll likely feel an increase in energy no matter how much food and wine you’ve consumed.

How To Cook With Canna-oil

1. Calculate Your Dosages

Now’s the time to finally put that middle school level math and science lessons to good use! Or if you can’t be bothered to deal with percentages and units of measurements, dosage calculators are available online to help you out. 

Edibles can be slow-acting, but ultimately pack a punch after an hour or so. It’s better to be safe than sorry when cooking with cannabis.

2. Grind

Grinding your weed for cooking can be a tricky process to master, but practice makes perfect. You’ll want to grind or chop your weed into fine pieces, but not small enough that it’d fall through a strainer.

3. Decarboxylate

Before incorporating the cannabis into your meal prep, you’ll need to expose it to enough heat to activate the THC. Decarboxylation, as fancy as it sounds, is actually quite simple. 

All you need is a stove, a baking sheet, and your chopped up bud. Spread it over the pan and heat it at around 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Every 10 minutes, open the stove and stir the flower around. Repeat this about 3-4 times.

4. Choose Your Carrier Oils

Your oil of choice depends on the recipe you’re cooking up and the taste profile you’re looking for. For instance, if you’re leaning towards something more flavorful, olive oil would be the most obvious choice. 

5. Infuse Your Oils

With your oil and strain of choice, combine the two in a pan and cook at low heat for anywhere between one and six hours. The sweet spot tends to be two to three hours. The recommended heat ranges from 240°F to 260°F and the rule of thumb goes not to cook with cannabis at more than 340°F.

After cooling down, pour your concoction through acheesecloth and into your container of choice. 

When cooking with your cannaoil, remember to add in the oils when your dish is close to finished! Adding it in the beginning is bound to eliminate all that yummy THC.

Also, don’t forget to mix thoroughly for an evenly spread THC dish! No one wants to be that guy who’sway more stoned than everyone else.

If you have leftover oil, be sure to store this in the fridge for longer shelf life! (Maybe for a Merry…Dankmas?)

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