What Is Kief Weed?

what is kief weed

There's a reason why people enjoy Kief. It can help you fall asleep or wake up if you add it to your tea or coffee. Even the most devoted cannabis users may not understand what Kief is or how to use it to its full potential.

In this article, we will go over Kief and its potential applications to better understand how to use it to its full potential.

Understanding Kief

Although we usually associate weed with flower, have you ever considered what the sticky yellow substance on top of it is? That's Kief for you. Kief, also known as pollen, is made up of trichomes that contain terpenes and cannabinoids and is frequently used to provide a kick or flavor to joints, bowls, or vape champers. Making Kief is a natural method of producing concentrated cannabis; therefore, it's an excellent choice. You can either purchase Kief from a dispensary or create it yourself.

kief vs bud

Kief vs. Bud

While both Kief and are derived from cannabis, they have significant variances. Bud is a cannabis plant's petalless floral portion. It's also known as "nugs" or "flower." Kief, on the other hand, refers to the trichomes or concentrated resin glands from cannabis flowers. Cannabinoids and terpenes are present in both Kief and bud in different quantities. They can be used in various ways and have different levels of potency.

Strength and Potency

While both bud and Kief include cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for both medicinal and euphoric effects, Kief contains a higher concentration. Regular cannabis flower contains only about 12% to 25% delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); however, Kief can contain up to 70% THC. In other words, Kief is more potent than Bud.

How To Use Kief

Kief has numerous uses, and It is not commonly used alone. Some people sprinkle it on top of their marijuana to increase the strength of their smoke. Others may press it to make Hash, a concentrated form of cannabis, or infuse it into butter (cannabutter) or oil to make edibles. All you have to do is discover what works best for you. Remember that Kief is substantially more potent than conventional cannabis, so start with a tiny amount and adjust as needed to achieve the desired high.

smoking kief

Smoking Kief

Yes, smoking cannabis kief is one of the most popular uses for it. You can smoke Kief by sprinkling it on your cannabis in your glass pipe. Simple as that.

Another approach is to roll your weed with Kief before smoking it. If you don't want to roll your joints, you can sprinkle the Kief on the outside tip of your joint before smoking it.

Finally, if you're feeling fancy, you can make marijuana moon rocks, commonly known as the "champagne" of cannabis. These are essentially cannabis buds wrapped in wax and rolled in Kief. They are created by dipping a marijuana nugget into an extract like wax, then rolling it in Kief and drying it. Then, you may smoke it as you want: with a joint, bowl, vaporizer, or pipe.

Without Weed

While most people smoke Kief with weed, it is possible to smoke Kief without weed. However, it may be difficult because cannabis is what binds a joint together, and Kief, on its own, maybe somewhat chalky/powdery. Just be careful with it. It's also important to note that Kief is more potent than weed, so don't overdo it when smoking it on its own, or you'll be in for a wild, potentially unpleasant trip.

Creating Hash From Kief

Making Hash from Kief is nothing new. It's also simple. You can make it yourself by pressing Kief into a ball with high pressure and low heat. Some people use a pollen press to do this, but it's unnecessary. Thousands of years ago, Hash was created using a "hand-rolled" method in which people would roll cannabis flowers into their hands and then scrape off the residue from their hands into hash balls.

Can You Eat Kief?

While you can consume Kief, most individuals will not get high from raw Kief. To activate the THC, Kief must first be decarboxylated (heated). If you eat raw Kief right off your cannabis buds or from your grinder, you are unlikely to experience any effects.

How To Make Keef

Making Kief, or "keef," as some call it, looks different for everyone since there are many ways to do it. Some individuals, for example, utilize silk screens to manufacture Kief. You can force ground cannabis flower through silk screens and catch the Kief on the last screen to produce larger quantities of high-quality Kief. More complex ways include using an ice water bath and an agitation machine to get the trichomes into the water, which is filtered for kief collection.

Using a Grinder

Using a grinder is one of the best ways to create Kief. It is also one of the simplest. Low-grade Kief is the powder that collects at the bottom of your grinder. Alternatively, some of the best weed grinders for Kief, dubbed "kief grinders," include numerous screens that filter the Kief into a separate chamber with finer Kief. Grinders are a terrific way to create Kief without all the trouble, whether you utilize the grinder you already have or purchase a more advanced one.

does kief get you higher than weed

Does Kief Get You Higher Than Weed?

Kief is far more potent than cannabis, which we spoke about before. Kief powder is significantly more potent in THC, which is responsible for the "high" sensation. Due to its high THC, around 70%, it intensifies the sensation and gets you higher than simply smoking weed. Kief is also made up of various strains that contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, making it feel more substantial.

How Much Kief Equals an Ounce of Weed?

The amount of Kief required to equal one ounce of cannabis varies depending on the strain. After being ground, an ounce of potent cannabis will generate around one gram of Kief. Due to the bud's minimal trichomes, its conversion is much lower. Because the amount of THC in each strain varies, the amount of cannabis required to achieve the same high as Kief varies as well.

Kief Joints: A Waste or Worth It?

Some consider kief joints to be a waste of time and resources. This opinion could be because kief joints can burn faster and hotter than other joints, resulting in waste. Using slow-burning paper and taking slower puffs is an excellent approach to avoid this. When used correctly, kief joints can provide a stronger, more potent high than normal joints.

Can You Dab Kief?

Yes, you can dab Kief, and many people do. Many people enjoy dabbing Kief because it provides an instant high. And who wants to sit around waiting to get high? However, keep in mind that dabbing your Kief can produce quite intense effects, and most people who dab Kief have a high tolerance. As a result, if you're a beginner, you should generally avoid dabbing.

Best Ways To Smoke Kief

After you've used your grinder to make your Kief, there are plenty of great ways to smoke it. You can smoke it in a joint, either by itself, a bong, or with weed. You can turn it into a hash and then smoke it. You can also create an e-liquid or hash oil and vape it. Each method will produce different effects and preparation times, so you must determine what works best for you.

Final Thoughts

Pure Kief is a cannabis industry secret. Not everyone is aware of it or knows how to use it to its full potential. Now that you know how to use it and how it differs from ordinary marijuana, you have another weapon in your arsenal for achieving the ultimate high. Everyone wants to feel this high, but we also want to ensure safety. So, if you're seeking a safer way to smoke cannabis, give our revolutionary smoke filter a try.


Does Kief get you extra high?

Yes, Kief can give you a more potent high. Kief contains a higher concentration of THC compared to regular cannabis flower since it can contain up to 70% THC, compared to 12% to 25% for regular cannabis flower.

What does adding Kief to weed do?

When you add Kief to weed, whether in a joint, bowl, or vape, you're adding a significant spike of THC that can enhance the overall experience. It's like boosting your high. To put it another way, proceed with caution.

What is the point of Kief?

The purpose of Kief is to provide you with a THC spike so you can get higher. People utilize Kief for a variety of reasons. It's a great way To take advantage of all components of the cannabis plant. It may improve your cannabis experience by increasing potency and bringing new flavors.

How is Kief different than Bud?

While Kief and Bud are both part of the cannabis plant, they are different in a few ways. Bud refers to the flower part of the cannabis plant without petals. Kief consists of trichomes that coat the exterior of the flower. While both Kief and bud contain cannabinoids and terpenes, their potency levels differ. 

Why is Kief so much more potent?

Kief is so much more potent than cannabis flower because it consists almost entirely of trichomes that contain THC. Trichomes have the highest amount of cannabinoids of the entire cannabis plant. Kief delivers such a concentrated punch, creating an intense and potent high. It also delivers rapid onset of effects, with users feeling the high quickly.

Is Kief better than Hash for high?

Hash is just Kief heated into a ball. That being said, how Hash is made can boost its potency to levels more significant than Kief's. Some hash can have up to 90% THC vs 70% for Kief. So, if you want an even more potent high than Kief, connoisseurs love Hash.

What kind of high does Kief give you?

Kief can give you a strong high, with some people saying it gives an almost narcotic effect. While this can feel great for many advanced users, too much Kief can get you intoxicated and give you adverse psychological effects, so it's an excellent way to tread carefully when first trying it.

How should I smoke my Kief?

There are many ways to smoke Kief, and everyone has their preferences. You can smoke it in a joint, by itself, or with weed; smoke it in a bowl, or smoke it in a pipe. Some people choose to use a vaporizer. There is no "right" way to smoke Kief; sometimes, it just takes trial and error to see how you like it.

Why is Kief expensive?

While Kief is not expensive, if you make it at home, you may find it more expensive in dispensaries. The price tag could be for a variety of reasons, like the fact that it is more potent than other parts of the cannabis flower.

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