Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed 2021

When it comes to the healthiest way to smoke weed, it's safe to say you've heard recommendations but there's still a lot of hidden dangers behind those suggestions.

Maybe you’ve heard that bongs are a healthier way to smoke because they filter out harmful contaminants. Or maybe you've been told vaping weed is healthier for you and that dabs are the healthiest way to smoke weed. Regardless of what you may have heard about a healthier way to smoke, we are here to fill you in on the truth.

“The tendency to inhale deeply and hold your breath when smoking pot means you’re often exposed to more tar per breath. Plus, bongs are basically a way to get more smoke into your lungs while also making that smoke more pleasant to inhale.”

-Fact from Healthline, medically reviewed by,Debra Wilson, Ph.D., Medical Advisor

Tar and resin build up is the number one culprit when it comes to lung damage. The most obvious way to prevent the amount of tar buildup is by limiting the amount of time weed smoke is held in your lungs. But there’s a better solution that solves reducing contaminants from weed smoke and we’ve got the answer for you.

healthiest way to smoke weed

There is no need to worry. We are going to show you how to smoke marijuana the healthiest way by preventing tar and resin from entering your lungs (medically proven), no matter which method or device you choose to smoke from. Continue reading on with us to explore healthy ways to smoke weed.

4 of the Healthiest Ways to Smoke Weed

We're here to bust the myths on what's been said about the healthier ways to consume weed so you can decide which method is the healthiest way of smoking marijuana. After reading, you won’t have that annoying fear in the back of your mind, “is smoking this weed healthier than cigarettes or not?”

There's a number of healthy ways to smoke cannabis. The following is a list of4 of the healthiest ways to smoke weed:

Cannabis Filter – One of The Healthiest Ways to Smoke Pot

When smoking out of a bong, smoking joint, blunts, or vape pens, you have the option of using an activated carbon filter. Using a Moose LabsMouthPeace orMouthPeace Mini has been said to be one of the healthiest ways to consume weed.

“Harm reduction strategies associated with smoking risks are centred around maximising the ratio of THC to tar in the smoke that enters the lungs. Quite simply, this means the more THC compared to tar the better.”

- A Cannabis User’s Harm Reduction Handbook

Filtering out tar and resin using a MouthPeace is a great wayway to increase ratio of THC to tar in weed smoke.

whats the healthiest way to smoke weed

Because the MouthPeace and Mini uses a triple layer activated carbon filter, it filters the most amount of tar and resin from any device you choose to smoke out of. The MouthPeace is used for bongs and dab rigs while the MouthPeace Mini is used for joints, blunts, pre rolls, and vape pens.

Smoking Weed from Bongs – A Healthy Way to Get High

A common misconception is that using a bong already filters out the “bad stuff” (i.e., tar and resin).

“Sure, a small amount of the bad stuff might get filtered out. But it’s not enough to make much of a difference.”

-Medically proven fact fromHealthline 

Most bongs have a double percolator that cycles fresh air in with your weed smoke to make the rip less harsh. But the fact of the matter remains that tar, resin, and other tiny harmful bacteria still make its way into your body.

safest way to smoke weed

The healthiest way to smoke weed is by using a MouthPeace when smoking out of a bong.

Smoking Joints Instead of Blunts

Joints are the lesser of two evils in this category. Blunts are usually made with cigar wrappers (tobacco leaf), or “Blunt Paper” sprayed with chemicals to add flavor. Both of which are highly toxic.

Even if you clear out all the blunt guts, nitrosamines still remain. Nitrosamines are a cancer-causing toxin. Plus, cigar wrappers are more porous than rolling papers so the smoke has a higher concentration of toxins because the burning is not complete. Learn more on smoking using ablunt filter.

Again, you can and should smoke your joints and blunts by putting the smaller end into a MouthPeace to give you the smoothest, cleanest hit possible. Even though smoking a joint is healthier than smoking a blunt, you'll still want to use a MouthPeace Mini for your joints to reduce tar and resin from building on your lungs. Learn more on using afilter for joints.

Pro Tip: When smoking joints with others, put the joint or blunt into a MouthPeace Mini. Pass this one around and put on your own individual MouthPeace Mini to take your hit. Double filtration plus this helps to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Other Healthy Ways to Smoke Marijuana

Some believe vaping cannabis cartridges are less harsh on your lungs and that this makes them a healthier option for consuming marijuana. Research is still a little vague due to vaping being a newer option for smoking weed.

The great thing about choosing a MouthPeace Mini is that it will fit on your vape pen. Vaping weed or concentrates with a Mini will give you the smoothest way to smoke weed.

The Cleanest Way to Smoke Weed

Is dabbing a healthy way to smoke weed?

Dabbing concentrates is one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed. This is because you're inhaling the vapor rather than smoke.

When taking a dab, you heat up the nail until it is very hot, then let it cool down until you can hold your hand above it comfortably for 5 seconds. Then add your dab wax and inhale. Dabbing at low temperatures allows for you to inhale the vapor coming from the concentrate without creating smoke. This produces the most flavor and the best effects.

Since dabbing is newer, there's less research to fully make claims that this is a completely safe alternative to smoking flower. If you end up taking your dab at too high a temperature you risk filling your lungs with smoke, so it's best to use a MouthPeace when dabbing.

Pro Tip: When smoking weed or dabbing, never hold in the weed smoke for longer than 2 seconds. The moment THC touches your lungs, it has done its job. Holding weed smoke longer only exposes your lungs to more tar and resin than is necessary. Learn more onhow to smoke cannabis the right way.

4 Benefits of Using a Carbon Filter for Weed

As far as getting the most health benefits while smoking marijuana, the safest way to smoke cannabis is by using a MouthPeace or MouthPeace Mini. When using either of these, you have the option of smoking weed any way you prefer while staying safe and protecting your lungs.

To smoke weed the healthiest way possible, using a MouthPeace or Mini is going to provide a hit that's less harsh on your lungs and produce the least amount of tar and resin build up on your lungs which allows for less overall lung damage.

By choosing to use an activated carbon filter, you're giving yourself the following 3 benefits:

Safer Way to Smoke Weed

By reducing the buildup of tar and resin in your lungs, using a MouthPeace and MouthPeace Mini gives you a safer way to consume cannabis. It is one of the only products on the market to be recommended by a Doctor for use in reducing lung damage and cross-contamination while smoking or sharing cannabis. 

Cleanest Way to Smoke Weed

If you're looking for a cleaner tasting rip, you'll get that from using a marijuana filter. This is because tar and resin tastes very bad so when more of it gets filtered out, you really get to taste and enjoy those terpenes.

Using a filter will give you cleaner tasting weed smoke and the cleanest smoke that hits your lungs due to the number of contaminants filtered out.

Smoothest Way to Smoke Weed

Smoother than any other way of smoking marijuana, using a MouthPeace provides you a less tar filled smoke which in turn makes you cough less. The smoother the hit, the less irritated your throat gets. The less irritated your throat, the less you will cough.

No more harsh hits that burn and produce coughing fits.


There are a number of ways to smoke healthier. Just be sure that no matter which method of smoking you choose, that you are staying safe and reducing the risk of lung damage by using a Moose Labs MouthPeace or MouthPeace Mini.

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